How to Remove Rip Off Report Complaints
A great article discussing how to remove Rip Off Report complaints about your website and business.

Remove Rip Off Report ComplaintsThere are a lot of people out there who think, that RipOffReport.com is a waste of server space, because the complaints held within it are only opinions and can be lodged by anybody. They are not verified as true facts.  What most people forget is that nothing on the internet is verified as true facts.  I can log onto any article site right now and claim I am a professor of dermatology.  I can even have some scans of university degrees emailed to the site to “prove” my identity.  I can even Google my own name and look up other experts with published works with the same name as me and claim that I am them.

RipOff Report is mainly a board where people may lodge complaints about a company online.  It is currently being overtaken by Complaints-Board because a lot of people find the term “rip off” too restrictive, whereas ComplaintsBoard.com sounds like it will allow you to post messages about how dangerous a stores steps are, or how rude the staff are, instead of just being restricted to being ripped off.

You cannot hold the website responsible for the content published on there by the posting complainers, so there are various methods of removing the complaint about your company. 

Each advocacy group/website will have its own method of removing complaints from its particular website.  RipOff Report for example will allow your company to log on and to post a response to the complaint.  If you are clever then you can turn your complaints into adverts.  For example if a person complains that the second hand DVD you sold to them was scratched, then say that you are sorry and as a response you have bought x-amount of DVD clean & renew machines, so that from now on, every second hand DVD will be resurfaced and be better than new.

If you do not fancy going down that route then you can try contacting the poster themselves and trying to resolve the problem with them, in response to taking off the complaint.  This also goes for Scaminformer.com and Scam.com.  As does taking legal action and presenting the sites with a court order for the postings removal.

If you don’t fancy that route either, then there is a website called InternetReputation.com, which has spent all of its time, researching ways of getting negative complaints about companies off the complaint websites.  They claim that for a fee, they can have any complaint removed from the complaint websites.

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