How to Remove Complaints Board Complaints
Shows you exactly how to remove "Complaints Board" complaints about your website and business.

Remove Complaints Board ComplaintsThe consumer advocacy site known as ComplaintsBoard.com is now said to outshine its biggest competitor, RipOffReport.com, chiefly due to the fact that it has over half a million complaints logged with it.  Since its creation in 2006 it has acted as a host for all the complaints a person wishes to bring about a website, a company, brand or product.  The site offers anonymity to the complaint publishers, and for this reason, it is seen as a menace on the Internet, as people lodge complaints about companies, when they could be lying or simply posting for fun or unfairly.  

The big problem with Complaints Board complaints are that they typically show up on the first page of Google when prospects and customers search for the company name.  This can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue.  A recent survey showed that over 80% of people that find a single negative result in Google will decide not to do business with that company.  

Reputation Management

If you have a complaint showing up for your name or your business on Complaints Board then here are your options:

If your business makes over $10,000 in revenue monthly, then contact a reputation management company to handle the suppression (go here and request a free reputation management consultation).

A reputation management company will be able to get your Complaints Board complaint suppressed quickly, and they will be able to maintain the suppression long term.  Depending on the size of your company, a complaint on the first page of Google can cost you 20-50% of total revenue each year.  This means if your company grosses $1,000,000, then you could lose up to $500,000 every year that the complaint remains on the first page of Google.  This is a serious problem, and it should be handled by a professional.

If your business makes less than $10,000 in revenue monthly, then attempt to suppress the Complaints Board listing on your own.  Here are some steps to take to suppress the negative results.

1) Set up profiles on these sites using the keyword used in search for the profile or channel name

a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) LinkedIn
d) Pinterest
e) Google+
f) Slideshare
g) YouTube
h) Crunchbase
i) Alexa

We use a comprehensive list that is larger in scope. If you are attempting to handle the Complaints Board complaint yourself, then you will need to achieve excellence on the nine above.

2) Create four unique press releases that have 300-500 words.

a) Optimize the title using the keyword while promoting a positive aspect of your business.
b) Optimize the article using the keyword several times.
c) Use PRWeb.com, and promote each one to a different geographical region (East, West, South, Mid East).

3) Optimize the home page and main pages of your domain for the keyword.

4) Create a Wordpress blog and optimize it for the keyword.

5) Create a linking strategy to increase the value to each of the urls that were produced or identified in steps 1-4.

a) Link out to your pages from all the domains that you have.
b) Build links to your pages from secondary sources.
c) Create hub pages and place links to all of your pages on them.

6) Monitor the Google results daily for the rest of time.

a) Identify the urls from the press releases that were picked up by local papers to include in your linking strategy.
b) Once you have suppressed the Complaints Board result, continue to monitor.

7) Continue adding more links and creating more pages.

a) The complaint will creep back onto the first page if you stop your suppression campaign.
b) Add additional social media profiles and local review sites that you can keep control of.
c) Create quarterly press releases that are promoted via PRWeb.

How Long Will it Take to See Results

Dealing with a Complaints Board complaint is a difficult task that requires extensive daily work for 3-12 months to get it pushed off the first page of the Google search results.  98% of people performing a search will not go to the second page of Google results.  So do not get stressed out if you have negative information on the second or third page of Google.  Focus all of your efforts on controlling the first page of Google results.  Once you get it suppressed to the second page, then continue to spend time monitoring and maintaining the suppression on a daily basis.  

Complaints Board Consult

Should You Contact Complaints Board

It is a waste of time to contact Complaints Board about the complaint.  They will tell you to contact the complainer and work with them to address the issue.  Unfortunately, most of the complainers are not active and will never see your messages.  There are also many cases where competitors will post false complaints with disposable email addresses.  In both of these cases, any effort to make contact is futile.  The best way to handle it is by taking control of the first page of Google results with a suppression campaign.

Should I Respond to the Complaints Board Complaint

It is usually best to let sleeping dogs lie.  A response on the web page can lead to a barrage of increasingly vicious complaints from the complainer.  If you are planning a suppression campaign, then a response could make it harder to suppress the complaint within search results.  Google's algorithm uses a freshness component (how new the content is) to rank pages.  If you add new information to the Complaints Board page, then Google will interpret the updates on the page as being more relevant.  Feel free to attempt to message the complainer through the internal messaging system, but do not attempt to post a reply on the page.  

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