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Internet Reputation RepairFirstly…….You IDIOT!!!

If you have looked up the title of this article, then you are trying to fix your reputation AFTER it has been damaged.

Internet Repuation Repair Solution #1:
Learn from this.  Know that you should have been guarding against and watching out for negative feedback and complaints.  Learn how to guard against this happening again. For example:

Do you think a quiche manufacturer is going to get many complaints of salmonella if they advertise that their egg laying chickens are inoculated against it?

Only considering a company’s online reputation after it has been damaged is the curse of a lot of companies, but is so easily avoided.  There is also the fact that so many companies do not have a very large online presence, so that when there is damage to their online reputation, there is little opposition. For example:

There is a posh tennis club down the road that you have never attended, but one of the blokes down there says that your breath smells.  Anybody inside the tennis club within earshot will be inclined to believe it.  On the other hand, if you were a regular member, then people within earshot may not remember your bad breath and not believe them, plus your friends may pipe up and tell the negative commenter that he was smelling his own breath, and not yours.  This leads me nicely onto my next tip.

Internet Repuation Repair Solution #2:
Build an online presence.  Definitely get a website, hop on a few relevant social networks (relevant does not always mean most popular).  So for example if you sell melting plastic, then maybe try an interactive socio-dynamic directory instead of hopping straight on Facebook. For example:

If you sell cement and sand, then hop on LinkedIN.  Get yourself a website. Apply for your products to be on price comparison sites. Sign up to be on a few business directories in your area. Submit your location to Google map/places, etc, etc.

Internet Repuation Repair Solution #3:
It’s the Internet Duuude!!  Which basically means a 13yr old girl can pose as a 90yr old Baptist priest, and an old lady can pose as a teenage skater boy.  If somebody posts negative stuff about you, then get your staff to open/create accounts around the net with fake names and post negative stuff about the person that “dissed” you.  Attack their credibility, their products and their sanity.  Keep it varied and as off topic and below the belt as you like.  Just make sure that the comments seem to be coming from “Joe public” and cannot be traced back to you.  Be as underhanded and immoral as you like.  Say that the complainer is riddled with disease and slap their spouses around.  They are only opinions online, it’s not like you  or your staff are testifying in court.  The worst that can happen is that you are court ordered to remove the comment (unless you couple your opinions with actions, for example, blatant libel trying to prove the lie you told and then informing the authorities…..that is going too far).

Internet Repuation Repair Solution #4:
For every negative comment about you online, have your staff open blogging accounts, site accounts, etc in various names and post positive comments about yourself.  Use accounts with your company name on to professionally respond to the negative comments online, and then have some of your staff (with their fake accounts) agree with your comment.  Have them “like” it, and respond to your comment with comments of agreement.

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