How to Deal With Bad Reviews
Here is a great list of strategies on how to deal with bad reviews and turn them into gold.

Bad reviews are a fantastic and free opportunity to advertise yourself.  So many more people will look at negative reviews and comments before they will look at positive ones. 

If information is bad, then its news, if it is good, then it’s advertising.

People are going to look at these negative comments, so use your reply….to advertise.

Example:  If someone says your prices are too high then, reply by agreeing that your prices are too high.  Say it’s because your goods are custom made by experts, but to address your concern. We are going to have a one-time only special offer of 50% off this weekend!

Do you see where I am going with this?  You can do it with any negative comment. 

Staff are rude = We have implemented a happy-staff training course and now give out customer satisfaction survey leaflets with chances to win prizes for filling them out.

Food was cold = Our New Offer! If your food arrives cold, then you eat free (salad not included, lol).

Queues were too long = Increased demand of our quality products has led to a bigger than expected upsurge in customers.  So we are hiring new people all next month to make sure our many, many customers are served swiftly and professionally.

Clothes are ugly = We replace stock lines every season so that we can appeal to the widest audience.  This means that not every item we stock will be to every bodies taste, but it also means that with a little digging, you will find your perfect outfit amongst our stock.

If you don’t have time to look at your negative reviews and comments, then simply reply to them all with the same advert.  For example:

I went there and saw that the light fittings were loose and carpet was dirty, I was not impressed.

Your reply:
Life is to endure, leisure is to enjoy.  Our new stock is in stores, NOW!!!

The cheek of it alone is going to win you customers that were going to otherwise not shop with you anyway

You can reply to each comment with genuine attempts to help, to show that this complaint/bad review is a one off, and that you are a truly caring company. 

For example:I bought a Paris Pander Pool Play Puzzle and when my kids played with it, it snapped in their hands.  Very poor quality.

Your reply:
I was very shocked to hear about this, and it is a very lamentable oversight in our very high quality control standards.  I will instigate a full investigation into and get to the root of the cause immediately.  In the meantime, please bring your product back to our store for a full refund.  Our sincere apologies, Regards, Rupert Moore.

Negative exposure will always get more attention than positive, so you must use it to your advantage, Every Single Time!

Negative exposure will always get more attention than positive, so you must use it to your advantage, Every Single Time!

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