Using Twitter Hashtags: Popular Hashtags and Hashtag Search
How to use Twitter popular Hashtags and Hashtag search.

Using Twitter Hashtags

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Using Twitter Hashtags: Popular Hashtags and Hashtag Search

What are hashtags?

Initially, hashtags (words preceded by a # in Twitter, eg # blog) were used to identify the subject to which belonged a tweet.  These are actually kind of keywords that highlight the main theme of your message.  They are differentiated from other words in your tweet with the # symbol at the front of the word.   The hashtag is created by adding a hash/pound sign # before the keyword like this:

# Marketing

The reader side, this allows # to targeted searches.  To receive information on a specific topic, such as # ecology, but from all twitters on the planet and not that of the people you follow.  You can search the word # ecology.  It will cross all the tweets of the world including # ecology.

Hashtags are often used by event organizers to keep all the tweets related to them as a single stream. It can therefore take the name of the event in question or place an example.

Using hashtags is a great way to expand the range of your Tweets, because hashtags are spreading quickly enough and that Twitter users spend a lot of time looking for Hashtags of tweets posted by people they do not follow.

There are already many hashtags and you can use them to excess but I suggest you be careful to select your keywords as their use must be consistent with the content you offer, you should not use the popular hashtags in your Tweets for the sole purpose of appearing at the top of search results from Twitter.

So what existing hashtag can you use?

This will depend on the theme of your site / blog and why you use Twitter.  For example, you just ate a good pizza in Paris and therefore you tweet the link to the pizzeria.  You add the hashtags Paris and pizza and the people who search for information via the hashtag will fall on this tweet.

Several sites like Twubs, a directory of hashtags, or What the Trend, a Wiki for hashtags can be used to better find words that make the most sense for your tweets.  Have a look at the hashtags used by your followers on Twitter and look to see which tweets they are associated.

How to create your own hashtags?

Before creating your own hashtags, the first thing to do is decide what keywords you will use.  Use keywords easy to read but mostly as short as possible.  Remember that Twitter is limited to 140 characters per tweet, it would be a shame to have half your tweet occupied by your hash tag.

If you are fairly well referenced from your tweets on Twitter, then you may see that other people start to use them.  This is just a little warning because you will start to lose visibility if people begin to use your hash tags in greater numbers.

You can follow hashtags using the Twitter search engine:


You can monitor who uses your hashtags or those of interest in real time and subscribe to the RSS feed of results.  You can use tools like Monitter and TweetGrid for visualizing searches hashtag on Twitter. 

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