User Generated Content Statistics
A full list of the most recent user generated content statistics.

User Generated Content Statistics

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Digital Content Marketing and User Generated Content Marketing

User generated content is the new buzzword for any new business model on the Internet, so you are probably asking yourself what it is. It was originally initiated by the many online forums and then refined by Wikipedia. User generated content then expanded on a massive scale with the availability of the Web 2.0 tool. These new web tools allowed users to more easily communicate online and create their own content. So basically, user generated content is things like blogs, videos, music, photos, reviews, articles, etc.

Often user generated content is backed by a community. This community is composed of a core group of users who are very involved in this way of life. A great many of these people will both use the web communities to add content and also to read, watch or see other peoples content.

User generated content is both popular and useful for a number of reasons. The cost of creating new content is close to free, if you do not count the time it takes up. The sites are very “new user” friendly and involved. The frequency of content additions and updates are far higher than any other form of web communication. The wealth of the content in its diversity is far greater. User loyalty is often higher too, because many people create stronger bonds with web communities that they have added to.

The principals of a successful user generated community site are:

Ÿ  The user generated content dominates the site.

Ÿ  Profiles and accounts should be free.

Ÿ  Uploading should be free.

Ÿ  Pay per use should come into effect with the use of website tools and services

Ÿ  The content should be user controlled but monitored for misuse.

Ÿ  The site should be adapted to its target area.

Ÿ  The user audience should grow daily otherwise users will be lost to social media.

Many say that the desire to highlight the user generated content is performed with the aim of reducing costs, by taking content creation, at the expense of users. Nevertheless, this orientation towards user generated content is also a new power given to consumers. Now everyone can be part of all brands / services / products that they like, and if they don’t like a company’s service, then they can badmouth them with a soap box that reaches millions. A person may single handily start a negative campaign against a company that wronged them, that will then carry on automatically through it bouncing between the users in the community.

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