6 Types of Trade Show Displays: Tabletop, Tablecovers, Pipe Drape, Pop-up and Modular Exhibits
An explanation of trade show displays and how they can help to promote your product awareness.

6 Types of Trade Show Displays: Tabletop, Tablecovers, Pipe Drape, Pop-up and Modular Exhibits

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Trade Show Displays

Trade shows are an effective way to promote your products and services by capturing the attention of possible clients using stand-up displays and banners. The first encounter with your company should always leave a good first impression on your potential clients. Also, within the first meeting, the personality of your company should be revealed through conversation and personal interaction.

Professionals at trade shows have a strong sense of spatial design and marketing presence. They realize that nonverbal communication is vital for having successful first impressions as it can give attendees a better reason to trust you if done correctly.

Some things to think about for displays are font, color, and company personality. These elements will help you plan your exhibit at trade shows. Other things to think about are having modular displays, banners, and whatever else you need to display the characteristics of your company in an artistic way.

Benefits of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to boost your sales and build up market share. Also, during your encounters with potential clients you can enlarge your customer base and launch new products. In addition, a trade show is a perfect platform to position your company, its brand, and its products.

Facts about Trade Show Visitors
  • 76% of attendees have picked out which vendors they plan on seeing before they enter the trade show.
  • 59% of visitors buy goods after the show.
  • 20% of exhibitors follow up on leads that can result in an increase of future sales.

  • Types of Trade Show Displays
    Tabletop Displays
    Table Covers
    Pipe and Drape
    Pop-up Displays
    Banner Stands
    Modular Exhibits
    Panel and Frame Systems
    Custom Exhibit


  • North America: 10 ft. x 10 ft.
  • Europe and Asia: 3m x 3m

  • Configurations
  • Linear booth
  • Peninsula exhibit
  • Split-island exhibit
  • Island exhibit

  • Rental and Inventory Exhibits

    Renting your exhibit is an alternative method that can be used as a financial strategy against purchasing. The result in renting is lower initial costs and more flexibility. Although this strategy may be useful in many parts of the world, Asian markets have found renting incompetent due to the cost of raw materials and labor.

    Preventing the Advertising Lag

    Advertising is ultimately used to raise sales by bringing attention to your product and reminding people about it as well. Every new exposure adds to the amount of awareness a person has about your product or service, and that number becomes higher with recent and multiple experiences. To prevent a decay effect that will cause a decline of interest in your product, use repetition. Keep in mind though that advertising saturation causes a progressively lesser effect on demand increase, so make sure to not advertise over a calculated level. Make your messages short and accurate.

    Trade shows are one of the top ways to promote your business off line, and require you to have knowledge about personality, artistic expression, presentation, and spacing. Attend a few trade shows and you will find that the newfound awareness that your potential clients will have about your product or service will guarantee you an increase in sales.

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