Twitter Trending Now Topics List Tutorial
A tutorial on Twitters Trend Now list to help gauge popular topics.

Twitter Trending Now Tutorial

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Twitter Trending Now Topics List Tutorial

The amount and variety of topics tweeted about on Twitter is innumerable.  With Twend.it, you can see the most current Twitter trends on the column of the same name.  You can also see the longest running trends, the most commonly recurring trends and top trends of the week, etc. etc.  The site is however limited to May in 2010, but we all have to start somewhere.

Twend.it is not bad if you want to see a few trends, but there is a better and more comprehensive trends website.

For a start, if you are looking for the most up to date trends, then the only tutorial is:

Step 1:  Check out this website




Step 2:  See step 1.

The website is THAT good.  If you are wondering about any trends, or you are looking for keywords/tags/topics for your twitter post then this is the website to visit.  This website gives every trend and does it for any location in which Twitter is used.  So see what the Bangladeshis are Tweeting about if you like.  The home page may not be as colorful as Twend.it, but the information is flawless and comprehensive.

You are going to fall flat if you are putting tag descriptions/ tag keywords in categories that are popular but unrelated to your posts/Tweets.  I guarantee you that you will only lose followers and that the list will soon change to some other top trend within possibly hours.

The top spots are always moving.  For example there was an error on the Diablo 3 game, and it became the top spot for quite a while.  Obviously, as the popularity of the game fades, then so will the error problems importance.

The trends that tend to rebound back to the top are usually related to the people with the most followers on Twitter.  This includes celebrities and president Obama at the moment.  Quite often on slower news days, their popularity will begin to resurface.

Quite often it is the news worthy events that become temporary top trends.  For example the earth quakes in Japan were at the top for a while, as was the death of Michael Jackson.  Recurrent themes will often be sporting events, often peaking during their mid to late seasons, providing there is no big newsworthy event, such as Rooney scoring a goal when it actually matters instead of when England are playing Doncaster dogs home.  There are currently 570000+ trends, so simply pick one that matches your Tweets. 

If you sorely want to tag your posts as the most popular trend topics, then why not write about it?  Ironically you still have just a much chance of being seen more, because the most popular trends have more people writing on them (obviously) which means there is more competition for people‚Äôs attention.

In short, to end this tutorial on life, just know that you should simply tag your posts based on what their topic is.  If you are going to play the top trends game, then you will miss far more times than you hit.

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