Twitter Tips for Business
Here are 40 Twitter tips for business that engage and convert followers to customers.

Twitter Tips for Business

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Twitter Marketing Tips and Twitter Marketing Strategy

Pay attention to your branding

Create a custom Twitter background that presents your brand in a relevant way to your potential customers.  This has the following advantages:

Ÿ  Personalization and Presentation - You can represent yourself and your business so as to help people understand who you are and what you offer.

Ÿ  Contact information - You can create additional information, go beyond the 160 characters in your short biography.

Ÿ  Individual branding - The fact that you include your contact information helps to show that you are the "face of your business" and gives them additional information about your background.  This will help potential followers see what you do and why you should follow you.

Set your business strategy before you plunge your business into the Twitter world

Twitter can very quickly leave you with a big fat nothing, if you fail to advance your marketing strategy.  Many staff hours may be wasted for nothing more than filling server space.

Ÿ  Who is your audience?

Ÿ  What do you expect from Twitter?

Ÿ  Will your content help them solve problems or satisfy needs?

Once you have a strategy, develop your content carefully.  It's not about Tweeting as much as possible, but more to offer added value.  No matter what you do, do not be boring.  I met a boring person once…..I forgot his name.

If you are looking for Twitter to be a direct sales platform, then you will be disappointed

Nuff said.

Re-Tweet others as you wish to be Re-Tweeted

If you find Twitter a link to a useful Blog post then leave a comment there, and re-tweet the post.  Your followers may also follow this person too, and so will also see your comments as well as your re-tweets.

The correct way to market your business on Twitter is to take part

Talk (type, duh) about what you think about new events in your business, customers, and you, also mention people with whom you work.  Do not make the mistake of just talking about yourself (or your company).  Only when you begin to care and show interest for others will the sentiment be returned.

Tell people what you are

For example there is a great set of comedy releases created by the Onion.  They do some really funny and well financed comedy.  You can find them on YouTube all the time.  They have their own website too.  On every video they start with a phrase like “this week on the Onion” or “Today our Onion reporter” or “Speaks to our panel on the Onion”.  They often end their videos with, “next week on the Onion”.  In your Tweets, find a way of putting your company name in there at least once every few Tweets.  Do it more if it will occur naturally.  So let’s say you are leaving a comment on a Michael Caine fan club post.  If you can also squeeze in stuff like (in this example the “onion” represents your company name), “Oh yeah, Sally from the Onion reception met Michael Caine too”, then so much the better.

Combine Twitter and Facebook

Do NOT re-post stuff on Facebook or on Twitter.  Keep each content separate, but if you are tweeting about the progress of your fun runners run to Scotland, then mention that you are running a “guess the time of arrival” competition on your Facebook page.

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