Twitter Direct Message, Marketing Send, Automate, and Limits
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Twitter Direct Message Marketing

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Twitter Direct Message, Marketing Send, Automate, and Limits

After several months in private beta came Socialomate, a new tool for Twitter was developed by Jean-François Ruiz. Socialomate is defined as your "social media assistant" and will allow you to automate a relationship via private message with your Twitter followers. A little like email marketing tools that can make automated email marketing with a user base email list. The tool allows you to create campaigns on various criteria, and then automate the sending of a message to suit your needs/specifications.

It is a tool for sending mass direct mail and/or automatically if you so desire. This new tool allows you to script these items so that you can withhold from sending them to your friends, for example by:

Ÿ  Filtering based on language

Ÿ  Customizing the message with the name of each user

Ÿ  Sending it to one hour well defined.

The tool also allows you to create your own contact lists "by hand" for specific scenarios and keep it focused and targeted, with message sending "as a broadcast". 

The basic most commonly used scenario would be to define the messages you want all your new followers to receive. You can let the tool do all the small talk and then when you have the answers you can continue the conversation manually. The first beta testers say they have had very good returns and business opportunities through this system, especially for accounts with twitter pros, consultants etc. If you want to test Socialomate, since the service is available only with an invitation code, use code Techcrunch at time of registration.

Whatever one thinks of the interests of direct marketing and about social media, it is clear that the tool meets a need and, surprisingly, no one had done this kind of platform previously, even in the U.S.A. There are many "social media tools" on the market, especially to enable a mass following, and again, even if there are abuses, we must recognize that it works for some. This is the first tool of its kind allowing these campaigns by dm (direct mail).

When using the tool, the direct messages/mail (or DM) with Twitter allows you to send a private message. The idea is to send a private message (or Direct Message) to welcome all those who follow you. You are limited by 140 characters. Start small and offer seemingly personal welcome, for example, to wish them a good night with their feet up, you can then propose a link that will allow them to leave Twitter onto another medium, be it your website or other blog, etc.

In reality the tool is very simple to use and in actual fact you are only limited by your conscience. For example you could conduct whole back and forth conversations, in that a person may believe you are really taking an interest in them. They may even being to be silly enough to give up personal details. I’m sure you can see where I am going with this. Due to the fact that most people expect automated emails and can screen for them then this technique would not work well over email, but may work well on a site dedicated to people who talk. It’s a scary world out there, to be honest. I’m just glad I won’t be in it forever.

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