Tumblr Profile Picture Tutorial: Add Cool Profile Pictures to Tumblr
Adding cool profile pictures to Tumblr and profile picture tutorial.

Tumblr Profile Picture Tutorial

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Tumblr Profile Picture Tutorial: Add Cool Profile Pictures to Tumblr

Portrait Picture

Your portrait picture is not the one that you see on your dashboard or the icon that is shown when you follow someone. Your Tumblr Blog should have its own profile picture that you can access through the site options.

If however you wish to enter a profile image/picture go with your Tumblr description box then here is how:

Upload a photo to your Tumblr blog, which can be done via Blog settings.

Use the portrait photos option, and then go to “customize theme” and to “edit Html”.

Once your Html is open, enter the code:

<div><a href="/"><img src="/{PortraitURL-128}" /></a></div>

Each of the themes on Tumblr are a little different, but if you search for a tag {description} and add your code before or after, then you will probably be golden.

After doing this, you should update your preview, then save it and close it.

You can have your picture come up in any of the following sizes

{PortraitURL-16} or

{PortraitURL-24} or

{PortraitURL-30} or

{PortraitURL-40} or

{PortraitURL-48} or

{PortraitURL-64} or


Picture in Description box

If you would like to pop an image in your description box, then try firstly to upload your picture and copy the URL. Go to “Customize” and then to “Info”.

Once you are in the description box, add the code below where you see it says “imageurl”

<br/> <img src=”IMAGEURL”/> <br/>

Save, close and preview your theme to see the picture. If you would then like to link this picture to an even bigger picture then you must add the code below, so that it will surround the picture code.


<img scr=”PROFILEPICURL”/>


If your picture is not showing up on your Tumblr, then the description section may not be there. In that case you will have to copy/paste the code below in the part of the sidebar that you think is best.

<section id=”subheader”>



Sending Pictures

If you do not want to categorize your blog, then sending photos is very simple and fast. Sent the photo so that it will appear as a ticket (as on all blogs), however, if you want to put each picture in a different category, you must use various techniques to send your photos.

You can send it as a ticket:

Go to your dashboard and then in the relevant blog click the "Photo", then "Choose File". Pick up your file on your hard drive and click OK. Add your description if desired. If you want to put an additional link to your image, click "Add link". Finally, click on "Publish post"

Send it in a class:

To put a picture in a category, go through the menu "Customize Appearance" and edit the pages that you created by your categories. Go to the "Pages" in your account profile by clicking "Edit". It is advisable to put the images in the same format, the same width, for a page to look better (800 pixels per side for example).  The new page opens, click on "Add Photo" between the two boxes. Once uploaded, your image will appear in the box. Go to the line by clicking on "Enter". You can then add text, a link, bold, italic, etc. Press again "Add Photo" to put more images on this page. 

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