Tumblr Profile Counter Tutorial: Tumblr Profile View Counters
Step-by-step guide on using Tumblr profile counter and view counters tutorial.

Tumblr Profile Counter Tutorial

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Tumblr Profile Counter Tutorial: Tumblr Profile View Counters

Tumblrize is a Wordpress plugin which allows you to publish any of your notes of your Wordpress Blog onto your Blog with Tumblr.

Ping.fm is an aggregator of social media online, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and is a publishing tool. It will allow you to publish your photos and text onto your Tumblr Blog directly while online, or you can do it via email, MMS, SMS, IM or via a few other third party apps.

Postling.com and Tarpipe.com do pretty much the same thing but are paid tools.

TumblrStats is an online tool which will give you statistics on your Tumblr Blog, including things such as quotes, numbers of posts, conversations, photos and followed Blogs. It will also give you a follower counter tool, which you can install on your Tumblr Blog as a widget.

Here’s another way you can track the amount of views you get (not followers, just traffic tracking)

1.      Sign up for and create a Google Analytics account

2.      Fill out the tracking field with your Tumblr address yourtumblelog.tumblr.com

3.      Pop in your name and the county you are in (and country if needed)

4.      Agree to the terms and conditions of service

5.      Grab the Google Analytics code that you can stuff into your Tumblr Html

6.      Some of the Tumblr themes already have a bit of tracking software in there. If this is the case then you will need to copy/paste the ID of your account which looks similar to UA-12346078-4. Don’t close this page yet though.

7.      You will need to go to your “customize themes” link in Tumblr and see if your theme is tracking traffic. When you “Choose Appearance” you should be able to see if there is field called Google Analytics ID. If it has this field then paste your ID account into the field. Then save and close the page.

8.      If your current theme does not have a Google Analytics field then you will need to copy all off the Analytics code into your HTML theme, so that you can see how much traffic your Blog is attracting.

9.      You will need to customize your theme on Tumblr and use “custom Html”

10.  Then using Crtl+F to bring up your browser search bar, you will need to search the page for: </head>. You will need to paste you analytic code in just before this little bit.

11.    Save/publish as needed and approx 24 hours later you will be able to see your statistics of who visited your Tumblr account. You can do this by logging back into your Google Analytics accounts and viewing your report.

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