Tumblr Followers Tutorial: How to Get More Tumblr Followers
A tutorial on getting more Tumblr followers and how to gain them.

Tumblr Followers Tutorial

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Tumblr Followers Tutorial: How to Get More Tumblr Followers

Tumblr is a social network, which like most, is available for use by anybody for free.  If we were to classify Twitter as appealing to the typist, and Facebook appealing to the social king/queen, then Tumblr is for the third category of people; those who love the web, but also fashion, art, music, photography, food, etc.

Tumblr works like Twitter in that you can follow people, and their publications/newsreels will arrive on your Tumblr homepage, a bit like they do on Twitter/Facebook. They can also follow you and so your publications will/may appear on their home page.

Publications can be "re-blogged", the equivalent of Twitter RT and "share" on Facebook. The big difference from Twitter is that Tumblr is mainly used to share images.

Get more followers through your editorial. Tumblr comes with the temptation to publish anything you see on the internet. The worry is the same for if you have a blog in that, if you publish anything and everything, then you will not interest a specific audience, and nobody will respond to you or follow you. If you are using the site with a view to getting more followers, then work along a theme and aim for a specific audience. If you are acting on behalf of a business, then your theme and specific topics should be ones that appeal to your target customers. For example if you are selling young teen girls shoes or clothes then have editorial inserts on their types of clothing, but also of hot hunks, celebrity news and pictures of screenshots of young girls films that are popular. Try to keep them interested through appealing to all of their desires, wants and emotions, and not just the ones related to your products.

There is no secret to success on Tumblr and the biggest non-secret of all is that you need to follow people on the site. Wait until you have completed your timeline a bit before following people and look at the stories so that they can see who they are dealing with. If you follow a lot of people, then they may return the favor.  If you are acting as part of a marketing plan, then why not follow people who would be your potential customers.

To motivate the troops, Tumblr offers the "Tumblarity" (Tumblr-Popularity). It increases when someone follows you, you get reblogged or someone likes one of your posts. 

Tumblr is used by 98% English speakers, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  Even if your primary language is not English, just try a few captions with English in them.

Do not combine Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Configurable options on your account will allow you to post directly to your Tumblr and post on Facebook and Twitter. This will rot your Twitter timeline with a multitude of links irrelevant to your followers. As for Facebook, you will flood the newsfeed of your friends and anger them to the point of un-friend-ing them. 

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