Tumblr Followers Counter and Tumblr Follower Tracker Tutorial
A great tutorial on how to use Tumblr Followers counter and tracker.

Tumblr Followers Counter

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Tumblr Followers Counter and Tumblr Follower Tracker Tutorial

The tools I use in this tutorial are just used for example.  I am not suggesting that you use that tool over any other, and will accept no responsibility for the loss of data or any other damages related to using the tools.  I can vouch for nothing more than that they exist, other than that, you use them at your own risk.

To see who un-followed you, you will need to install a browser add on.  In this tutorial I will use GreaseMonkey.  Download the GreaseMonkey program.  It is an add-on, so installation should be fairly easy.  There are very few browsers that it won’t work on.  Then download the Un-follower script for Tumblr.  Next you will need to hover your cursor over the follower symbol.  It looks like this: Δ  If you click on the symbol you will see the names of the people who have un-followed you.  The tool/add on will only show you the people that have stopped following you since the tools installation and not the people before. If a person changes their username or deletes their account then the add on will view it as an un-follow. If a person was following you, and then un-follows you, then follows you again, all between the times you logged on, then it will not show up.

If you have hundreds of followers then fitting them all on one page for a quick count up is going to be slow. So you can use followerscounter.com widget within your theme. You can install the counter widget by going to the websites page and logging in with your Tumblr account. This is a Tumblr app so it may be smarter to actually sign into their site first. It will take you to a page where you are able to pick from several counters codes that are of various plugin styles. So that you are able to see how many people are following you, go to customise appearance and then to edit HTML. When you have clicked the “edit Html” then enter the code that you were given on the website page, and pop it in its most convenient place (most convenient for you). The code will give you a graph with just the one stat showing your followers over a time span. Using this app, you will not be able to see the amount of followers another person has.

If you are looking for ways of improving your Tumblr page then try this website:


It gives you instructions on how to do most things on your HTML Tumblr page, with things such as how to add a favicon or how to add butterfly effects.

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