Tumblr Bookmarklet Tutorial: Using the Share on Tumblr Bookmarklet
An insightful tutorial on Tumblr Bookmarklet and using the Share on Tumblr.

Tumblr Bookmarklet Tutorial

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Tumblr Bookmarklet Tutorial: Using the Share on Tumblr Bookmarklet

This is a brief introduction to Tumblr, which is a really great blogging tool. 

You can also share stuff you've found online, collect photos, videos, quotes and links and locate them all in one place, with some nice social features. It also allows you to re-share stuff that others have found. Tumblr is intended primarily to gather “in one spot” things you have seen elsewhere.

This is the blog without stories that is unpretentious and unadorned. Tumblr incorporates a community dimension, so you can show stuff to your friends. It’s a little like how if you see a funny video online, that you may send links to it via email.  This works as a nicer way of doing it, other than emailing.

Bookmarklet Tutorial

Ÿ  Open an account

Ÿ  Drag the bookmarklet in your favourites links bar

Ÿ  When you are on an interesting page, click the bookmarklet - a confirmation click, and hey presto, it's in your Tumblr

When you are on something interesting you want to put in your Tumblr, click the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet brings up a small pop-up window and tries to guess what kind of content you want to publish.  If you are simply on a webpage, Tumblr will assume that you want to share a link in your blog. If you selected the text, it will offer to issue a citation. If Tumblr guesses wrong, you can simply change the type of publication. It goes without saying that you can make changes to the content before publishing it, and if you want to write a little mumble, use the "text" mode.

Community Tutorial

If you see a Tumblr blog that you like then click the "follow" link in the upper left corner. Just like your home page on Twitter or Facebook, Tumblr shows you a list of recent publications of people you follow. If you like something then click the little heart on the top right of the article. If you want to republish anything in your blog then click "reblog". It goes without saying (I wish my mother did too) that Tumblr automatically adds a link to the original source.

Advanced Tutorial

For those who like to tinker, you can:

Ÿ  Choose the layout of your Tumblr, or even create your own

Ÿ  Allow readers to leave comments

Ÿ  Use your own domain name

Morality Tutorial

The homeless may be criminals or simply be people down on their luck, but don’t park your car on their pile of rags bed and then nick their shopping cart because you don’t have a coin for the shopping barrows at Walmart. If they don’t seem to be very compos mentis, then don’t try to convince them that they are mentally ill by talking backwards, crying and spitting grape seeds at them.

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