How to Find Tumblr Blogs that Follow Back
An outline on how to find Tumblr blogs that follow back.

Tumblr Blogs that Follow Back

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How to Find Tumblr Blogs that Follow Back

The first thing you can do is find a way of telling people that you will follow them back if they follow you.  Now technically, as with Twitter, this is really against the spirit of the sites, and may even be viewed as perverting the rules of the site.

Fact = Perverts are normal in opposite land.

So to help stop you getting banned or frowned upon then word your offer to people carefully.  Something like, “If you decide to follow me, I will check out your posts, and more times than not will follow you…..I’m easily amused…LOL.”  Doing it this way makes you appear “harmless” and so hard to frown upon, and also makes it seem that you are not simply fishing for followers.

Directive from God = You must stop reading between the lines.  Only schizophrenics do that, don’t both of you?

Lots of people will go hunting for new people to follow, and you “advertising”,  so to speak, your willingness to follow them back, will make them eager to follow you too.  Also, you should really keep your promise, as some people have two or three Tumblr accounts, and may follow you on them too if you keep your promise to follow back.

Sad Truth = If “no more nails” existed 3000 years ago, then the Jesus story could have had a happier ending.

Sorry to state the obvious, but if you have quality posts, then you will gain more followers.  You should really aim to go for a theme with each of your posts. If, your sub themes are mostly, (not always though) on similar subjects, then you will keep your regular followers too.

Fact = Shouting is the only language people in wheelchairs understand.

On a semi-similar note, don’t be afraid to break the mould every once in a while.  So long as you experiment every now and then and not all the time, then your loyal viewers will not leave you.  You may even make an impression on a few new people.

Advice = Beat your children with an apple in a sock. Do it once a day to keep the doctor away.

If you are smart, then you are already taking my advice about keeping to a similar theme.  This helps you maintain your targeted audience.  Do try to keep your posts a mixture of highly technical and esoteric, to very simple and possibly educational for the lay person.  This is especially true if your posts revolve around a niche that has lots of buzzwords.

Tip = Touching yourself is not a sin, unless you do it in church, during your confirmation.

Buzzwords and terms such as (for example): Blogs, Tweets, WordPresses, Lolz, Tumbles and Lenses can be used on some of your posts but on others you can use different terms, or simply explain them (in brackets like this).

Truth = The Jews didn’t cause 911, my dad says it was the gay fireman’s league.

This goes for all areas, for example if you are placing lots of artistic posts and pictures, then on some you can give comments about light and energy, and on others simply appeal to a person’s emotions.  Also, don’t forget that to some people there are art works that are alien to them.  You can help a lot by explaining why the piece is good.  Like why it evokes emotions, or why you can’t help but look at it.

Advice = Cheer up diabetic hay fever sufferers with flowers and chocolates.

Finally, don’t try to please everybody, or you will bore most everybody.  Some people, for example, may think that writing in blue between the lines is silly, or even offensive, and some people will think that the occasional break makes reading something easier. 

To be loved by one you must be hated by two.

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