Tumblr Blog Ideas and Tumblr Blog Title Ideas
Some useful ideas on Tumblr blogs and blog titles.

Tumblr Blog Ideas

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Tumblr Blog Ideas and Tumblr Blog Title Ideas

I discovered Tumblr some time ago but I never took the time to give my opinion on this platform.  It is not a bad little service, as social media goes. Tumblr is a mix between a kind of WordPress blogging platform, like Twitter with microblogging and social networks like Facebook, but functions as a separate service.

Tumblr is a platform that has grown extremely quickly. Established since 2007, it already has more than 34 million blogs and over 12 billion posts. You may use Tumblr for various reasons.

This is the new rising star of social networking and you can be one of the first to jump on the band wagon before the wagons wheels buckle.  It is easy and quick to take charge of, in that within five minutes you can create your blog, choose a design (from over 2000) and start blogging.  You can even change its name and design whenever you want.

It is easy to plan, and the worst thing for a blog is not being updated regularly.  You may not necessarily have the time to blog every day, but on Tumblr, you can easily put your posts into a queue and let them release at regular intervals.

It has an ease of interaction with other social networks.  It is very easy to link with your Twitter to Tumblr and Facebook to Tumblr. The Tumblr community is very active (mainly in the U.S.A) and you can easily follow the blogs of others and Reblog photos, ideas, thoughts, videos and more.

You can make your contributions short if you wish. Sometimes you want to share but without wanting to write a 5 page post. With Tumblr, you post absolutely whatever you want. There is no need for long text, and no obligation to make it short (like with Twitter), and there are really very few limitations.

In summary, this platform is not perfect and will not suit everyone, but it is very flexible in design and use. This is a platform for social micro-blogging which supports all media formats, so that you can even post via email.

With that said, you may wish to have a go at Tumblr but don’t know what to write.  So here are a few ideas to get you started:

50 funniest ducks

Pictures of ducks in funny positions and situations with a little comment underneath.

Scary Art

A collection of images of art that genuinely scares you.

Backwards logic in a topsy-turvy world

A collection of images, texts, signs and videos that seem wrong or unusual, such as videos of stuff rolling up hills on one of those optical illusion roads.  Of a psychic’s sign on a door that says, “if you are there, knock twice”.  Or a picture of a set of steps, leading up to the disabled toilet.

Top ten blackhead squeezes

A collection of videos showing black head spots being squeezed.

Inspirational quotes

Citations of inspirational quotes from other sites that you feel are good.  Like Confucius saying, “it matters not how slow you go, so long as you don’t stop”.

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