Tumblr API Tutorial and Ways to Use It
A tutorial on the ways to use Tumblr API.

Tumblr API Tutorial

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Tumblr API Tutorial and Ways to Use It

The Tumblr API is partly responsible for the great many third party applications that have cropped up since its creation.  There are plenty of iPhone applications that may be used with Tumblr, as well as dozens of web services, so the area for creators to “play” with is quite large.

So what is the Tumblr API?  It is a tool that allows developers (beginner and advanced) to create apps for use with Tumblr.  For example you may create an app for Tumblr that will automatically post your Tumblr posts onto Facebook at the same time.  All you will need is a basic understanding of XML and PHP.  Obviously, the stronger are your developer skills, then the easier it is, and the more room you have to expand.

We are currently on our second version of the Tumblr API.  There are quite a few differences from the old one such as how you may now upload multiple images/pictures/photos to be able to post Photosets.  You can also pull up a blogs description, last update date and avatar details.

They have consolidated all of the API access to: api.tumblr.com

Instead of the API making a distinction between the write and read operations and pushing you from domain to domain, you will now operate from api.tumblr.com.  The singular port of access is also better for measuring traffic/use.

Developers will find it easier to experiment and develop with the API without having to search through documentation to find ways of achieving what they are aiming for.  The URLs will now follow a certain pattern that developers will better easily guess because they follow a distinct pattern.  There are still times when developers will need an exact definition of something but hopefully the occasions will be few and far between.  The developers of the API have gone out of their way to make the API easier to use, with less need to go digging through documentation, however, they do admit that they will keep updating it, to make it easy, and that they are not 100% “there” in making this as sleek and user-friendly as they desire.

As for Tutorials, all you need to do is grab an OAuth key, which is basically registering to use the application.  Once you have the API key, then all you need to do is hop on the API and use your XML and PHP skills to start cranking out some Tumblr Apps.

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