Travel Industry Analysis, Statistics and Trends
The travel industry trends are revealed in this statistics analysis covering the outlook, size, market share, value, sales, and future revenue growth of the travel industry.

Travel Industry Analysis

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Travel Industry Analysis from 2012

$162 billion industry revenues in 2012
1 billion arrivals reached by 2012
87% of travelers used the internet for the bulk of their travel planning
62% researched an upcoming trip
45% sourced initial trip idea
43% read reviews from other travelers
31% watched travel video
24% read travel related blog
16% posted travel reviews
11% uploading video related to past travel
11% commented on travel reviews
9% commented on travel related video
7% participated in travel related blog
70% of travelers update their Facebook status while on vacation
52% of travelers changed their original travel plans
50% of companies agreed that direct books were generated from social media
46% of travelers check in to a location via Facebook while on vacation
76% post vacation photos to a social network
55% “Liked” Facebook pages specific to a vacation

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