Tourism Industry Statistics, Trends and Analysis
An informative report going over the most important tourism industry statistics. The analysis overview outlines the future trends, value, size, growth, sales revenue, market share, facts, outlook, and the size of the tourism industry.

Tourism Industry Statistics

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Tourism Industry Statistics from 2011

3.7% average growth in global tourist arrivals estimated each year
3.8% decline in 2009 recovered by 6.6% in 2010
4-5% forecasted growth increase in 2011
25 million to 940 million of uninterrupted growth from 1950 to Present
51% travel for leisure, recreation, and holidays
27% travel for VFR, health, religion, and other
15% travel for business and professional
7% travel for unspecified reasons
51% travel by air
41% travel by road
6% travel by water
2% travel by rail
Top international tourist arrivals are France, United States, China, Spain, Italy, UK, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, and Mexico
Top destinations receive 22.4 million to 76.8 million arrivals

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