PPC Tips: Paid Search Copy and Targeting Keywords per Campaign
A look at how PPC works and can be used to target new viewers.

PPC Tips: Paid Search Copy and Targeting Keywords per Campaign

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PPC for Small Businesses

4 Main Points of PPC

1. Cost – It might seem like PPC costs a fortune, but in reality, if you plan out your budget and target your audience and keywords, it will bring you more money than you put in.

2. Value – One of the best points about PPC is how it compares to other methods of marketing. PPC gives you 95% warm leads, while the rest of the marketing techniques bring in 95% cold leads.

3. Risks – The only thing you have to watch for when doing your PPC campaigns is that when you do them incorrectly, you will receive a lot of clicks that bring in very few conversions. If this pattern continues, you could end up spending too much for such low results.

4. Benefits – The greatest way you can profit from PPC ads is when you generate warm or hot leads that bring up your conversion rate and result in higher sales.

The Top 4 Things to Remember about PPC

1. The PPC World is Huge. – Find your target audience and market, and don’t worry about trying to sell to everyone. Find a specific geography and demography to help yourself get started.

2. Your Ad Copy Should Resemble Your Landing Page. – When your potential customer clicks on your ad, don’t give them a landing page with a completely different appearance and text, as that will only work to bring confusion.

3. Test and Experiment. – Play with your variables and see what time of day, image, or text brings you the best results.

4. PPC Is Not for Everyone. – Don’t use PPC if your cost per click is more than the selling price of your product. If this is the case, it will be better for you to use a different marketing method.

6 Tips for PPC Success

1. Time – Find out what time of day works best for your ads by measuring your ROI.

2. Match Types – Prevent unwanted clicks by utilizing the AD Spend Test and finding the exact match you prefer to be found for.

3. Negative Keywords – Remove keywords that are not bringing you the right kind of traffic. Find out what unrelated searches are bringing people to your ads and place them in your negative keyword list.

4. Location Targeting – You can choose to target your audience by location by specifying zip codes and your preferred radius.

5. Examples of PPC Platforms – Other than Google Ads, you can choose to place your PPC ads on Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and LinkedIn.

6. PPC Engagement – Some ways to make your ads more clickable is by making them become more useful. Increase the level of engagement among your potential customers by placing click-to-call ad extensions, communication extensions, map/location extensions, live chat extensions, product listing ads, and virtualized ad units.

PPC can be a very beneficial tool, even for those with small businesses. Read and follow the above tips in order to raise the amount of potential you will receive from your ads. PPC, when done right, can bring you a higher amount of sales and let you expand your business in the long run.

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