Best Practices for Split Testing Landing Pages
Ways to test your landing page to see which version is the most effective for generating leads.

Best Practices for Split Testing Landing Pages

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How to Run a Testing Campaign on Your Landing Pages

Testing your landing page is an extremely useful way to improve the quality of your site. Running a good testing campaign allows you to see what upgrades effect your site the most positively by raising your sales and conversions. Here are two testing methods you can use and some tips to give you a better insight.

A/B Testing
  • Compares two versions of a landing page.
  • Tests the impact of a single variable or variation.

  • Multivariate Testing
  • Tests multiple variables at once

  • Landing Page Test Ideas
  • Page Headline
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Images
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Text
  • Font and Style
  • Page Design and Layout

  • 10 Steps to an Effective and Successful Campaign

    1. Develop a testing plan that involves well-defined, clear, and measurable metrics.
    2. Find out what elements of your page are the most important for testing and find the proper tools.
    3. Decide whether A/B or multivariate testing is the right option for you.
    4. Find out your current traffic and conversion rates.
    5. List your target goals.
    6. Come up with a number of scenarios to test for each variable.
    7. Set a time deadline for your tests.
    8. Execute your different scenarios and measure the results.
    9. Update your tests that apply your findings.
    10. Conduct follow-up tests and measure your improvements over time.

    Avoid These 11 Testing Mistakes

    1. Not having a set testing plan.
    2. Conducting your tests on low traffic areas.
    3. Testing too many variables at once.
    4. Not knowing your goals or how to measure your success.
    5. Not implementing follow-up experiments.
    6. Not recording your test results as you progress.
    7. Being unaware of external factors.
    8. Testing for too long.
    9. Testing small variables and ignoring the “big” concept.
    10. Not measuring your complete audience.

    Use the above steps and methods to help you run your testing campaign. Measure you success as you run your experiments and take note of which variables and variations are working best for you. These tests will not only make your landing page more visually appealing, but will let you in on the psychology of what makes a page more attractive towards sales and conversions.

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