Why is Social Media Important to a Small Business
A look at why social media is important for a small business.

Social Media for Small Business

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Why is Social Media Important to a Small Business

The biggest reason is because there are a lot of markets that are entering the social media medium and making a splash in there.  Obviously, social marketing is not going to suit every industry, so some need not concern themselves, however if your competitors are hopping onto social media, then maybe you should consider it.

According to recent reports, companies worldwide are planning to develop their social media activities in the coming months.  In Europe, the number of companies active on social networks should increase from 39% to 66% in 2012, and it will be more than one use "only" dedicated to marketing, but various activities will be concerned, such as customer relations and recruitment.

In a very short time, social media has become part of everyday Internet users’ experience.  The most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have hundreds of millions of users, and even the various small local networks can look forward to significant growth.  Social networks have not only changed the lives of consumers, but they have also revolutionized the communication strategies of brands and businesses.

 In the online marketing mix, the social media communication channel is the most advanced, because it is causing a genuine dialogue with prospects and customers.  The benefits of social media cover many areas that are not only related to marketing, but also product launches, events and event sales (Christmas, etc.), offering companies a new channel of communication that is affordable and fully measurable.  Social media marketing is particularly effective in reaching the target group, and with a positive word of mouth, information and offers spread quickly and draw attention to the brand and products.  Although the presence on social networks should have a rather playful and light, we cannot engage in social media marketing lightly.

As a small business your time on social media is not going to be free, as most companies will try to tell you.  It takes a lot of staff hours to successfully achieve ANY objective on social media.  Obviously, you should have accounts on each of the social media sites and add a little every time you have a little free and person time, but if you are going to dedicate staff hours (work time) to social media then you really, really need a marketing strategy.  Figure out what you are going to get from it, how you are going to get it and how long it will take to get it.  Overestimate the staff hours it will take dramatically.  If you do not know what I mean, then log onto the internet onto a social media and time yourself.  You will find the hours melting away with nothing to show for it.  Finally, if the possible gains from your social marketing plan are not substantially more than the “definite” staff hours you are going to put into it, then do not do it.  Put your time into innovative marketing ideas elsewhere instead.

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