New Social Media Websites to Watch Out For
A look at getting social media websites to work for you with new social media websites to watch out for.

Social Media Websites

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New Social Media Websites to Watch Out For

The micro-blogging site Tumblr is a sort of cross between a blog and Twitter.  It is older than Facebook, and yet is only now beginning to see consistent traffic.  You may create a beautiful profile in Tumblr which is not as easy to do on Facebook or Twitter.  Users are invited to show their creativity and make something good.

The new social networking sites that try to compete with Facebook do not exist for long as competing with Facebook is just not possible.  The number of members keeps increasing andmoreover, the future of Facebook is assured because many members are in their thirties, forties and fifties, and they are not really tempted by closing their account.  Facebook is saved.  Facebook just eats all other similar sites, think about something like Netlog or Hyves which were very popular in the Netherlands that just…went away.

Twitter still has much potential because Facebook is symmetric so that if you want to make friends with someone, you must give permission.  Twitter is more open so you can follow someone who does not follow you or doesn’t even know you.  This accessibility is really a great asset.

New networks are always associated with Facebook because they find competing with Facebook is a waste of time, and therefore decide to collaborate openly with the giant.  For example, Jumpo, the network on which it is possible to participate in charities is truly integrated with Facebook, because everything you do on Jumpo shows on Facebook.  This is also the case for Twitter and Foursquare, a social media network based on geolocation, on which you can show where you are.

Twitter and Facebook already offer members the opportunity to create closed groups in one profile.  You can create a closed account on the same profile in which you can group your friends, family and colleagues.  This way, you make sure that all your details are not visible to everyone. The Site Path, for example, has also marked changes.  This is a personal network where you can have a maximum of 50 people in your network.  The idea is to preserve some very intimate moments, and share them with only a few people.

Linkedin is a very powerful social network where people register for professional reasons.  On Linkedin you find such businessmen who do not have a Facebook account.  This is more of a competition not by number of members, but in the rise of niche networks.  The networks that were created for a specific purpose are very good at it.  Facebook is very broad, but some people may just be interested in the photos, etc.

A site that this perspective has great potential for is called Instagram.  On it, you can share photos (only), and its coming popularity may show a future in such niche networks. 

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