List of the Best Free Social Media Webinars on YouTube
An easy reference for the best free social media webinars on YouTube.

Social Media Webinars

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List of the Best Free Social Media Webinars on YouTube

Number 1: The Best

Introduction to Social Media - 21/02/12


This is a video that is set up to inform, in return for something.  In this case they are obviously trying to gain a social media following through releasing edited video.  It is created by the people at Creative Collective, and I should probably point out that the video called “introduction to Social Media - 21/02/12” is just one video out of a set, so instead of describing the one, I will do them all.

They are in-fact a very good set of videos, with each one giving good snippets of advice and facts.  They lay out some of the basics, and also (most promisingly), they point out stuff that you could only know through being on social media for a long time.  This includes things such as how becoming invested in one blog (for example), is often not a long term investment move because most private citizens stop blogging after a while, and so your contribution grows old, stale and un-viewed.  At the time of looking, there are 78 videos, posted by “dacreativecollective” and they are probably the best free videos you are going to get.  Even if you think the advice on there is pap, you should at least hear their arguments, facts and tips before continuing. (Also, Evette Adams voice is really sexy on it).

Number 2: The Runner Up

Intro to Social Media webinar


GoogleBusiness (the YouTube name, I do not know how close they are to the real Google company) is on YouTube with 550 videos, all of which are free.  Some you may find useful, and others a waste of time.  I would suggest however that you start with the “Intro to Social Media webinar”.  They do have some very useful tips, albeit spread across a heck of a lot of videos.  If you do have the time, then it can’t hurt to have a look at them, after all they are free.

Number 3: But Still Better Than Most

Webinar - 10 Social Media Tips - 2010-07-08


Here is a free, almost hour long webinar which (despite the advertising medium), is not a bad bit of teaching.  They start the webinar by laying out a foundation so that people are able to understand social media in the terms of functionality, and in the context within Web 1.0 (which is a static web).  They also explain it in terms of Web 2.0 (which is a dynamic web).  They also explain the ways and fares of the up and coming mobile web (also known as Web 3.0).  After they have laid the groundwork, they explain the ten most important social media practices that you would be wise to follow.  Within this webinar, they take you from the very basic, all the way to the advanced without the fluff or hype, and show you how you can gain a return on investment through the correct application of social media.

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