Social Media Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
Tips on social media video marketing for converting traffic and reducing costs.

Social Media Video Marketing

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Social Media Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

The video sharing platforms are very numerous on the Internet. These sites allow users to store and share their videos and offer many advantages.  To increase the chances that your videos are viewed by the right people (potential customers, consumers, influencers, prospects), being relevant in the choice of media on which they are distributed is a priority.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of questions to ask yourself before starting:

Ÿ  Before taking action, think back to the objectives and positioning that you set in your communications strategy.

Ÿ  What image do you want to give your company, your company, your brand?

Ÿ  What are the characteristics that best suit you and want to highlight?

Ÿ  Are you more innovative, open, expert, low cost?

Ÿ  In short, how do you want your audience to perceive you?

Ÿ  Who is your potential customer and how do they perceive the various sites for hosting videos?

Ÿ  Where and why are these people logging on to watch videos?

Ÿ  Which websites are your competitors posting their videos on?

Ÿ  Do your competitors using that medium have positive feedback from the public (comments, likes)?

It is interesting that the level of confidence in the platform that hosts the video is more important than the identification of the source itself.  For example you are not going to win many points posting Christian videos on childmolestors.com.  Thus, the choice of the host has real value depending on the image it conveys to users and the target audience.

Two criteria with which to determine the number of views you may receive is:

Ÿ  The first impression people have when viewing the video (title, image, source)

Ÿ  The communication around it (sharing on social networks, recommendation by e-mail). The information presented on the video thus has an impact on its popularity.

TIP 1:

A little extra makes all the difference.  Don’t upload poor quality and unfinished videos.  It is counter- productive and dumb.

TIP 2:


Don’t put your title as “Kylie in sexy position” and then just have a slideshow of pictures.  It is technically spam, it angers users, and it is pointless.  Make sure your title is clear, concise, and HONEST!!!!!

TIP 3:

Highlight your uniqueness and your USP‘s.  Do it with the message you are passing in the video course, but also do it by customizing your virtual space with the tools available to you by video sharing platforms.

TIP 4:

Internet video uploads are an opportunity for brands using a creative individual's identity. To stand out, you can differentiate yourself by the content you offer (message, values) and its "container" (graphics).

TIP 5:

Attractiveness, if beauty were not saleable, then the world’s biggest actors would be ugly.

TIP 6:

SEO your video so that people can find it.

TIP 7:

Credibility is key.  Don’t give demonstrations on painting walls in a pair of jeans and tank top.  Don’t give car demonstrations in your local supermarket car park.

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