New Emerging Social Media Trends for 2013
A listing outlining 13 social media trends for 2013.

Social Media Trends

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New Social Media Trends

Companies and brands have taken to the idea of social media with great numbers, in attempts to find a foothold in this growing marketing channel.  A few brands have been successful, while others have flaunted risk and created a new set of PR disasters.

A lot of TV shows have started integrating social TV into their programming on a back and forth basis, such as interacting with surveys online for TV shows, or TV shows being run online.  The WWE and UFC have both integrated social media in with their regular programming.  During the last American elections, social media played its part in gaining support, and will probably be a big player in the years to come.

As every news channel is fighting to keep the people watching either interested or engaged, there are networks such as Fox and CNN which have used social media to great effect.  2012 is the going to be the first time Super Bowl Sunday is going to be played live around the globe.  Super Bowl is known as the king of advertising opportunity slots, and this new movement will no doubt bring a brand new dynamic component in integrated digital media and social advertising.

Facebook in the year 2012 has shown great potential by way of demonstrating its power to truly engage, in viable Facebook currency credits.  In the same way that Disney made Disney money for their theme parks, they are looking to build an online resort (or destination) where we never want to leave. 

How corporations utilise social media will move further.  There are more and more companies that realise that simply setting up Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, will not cut-it with a professional social media marketing strategy.  Companies are going to need to alter their views, by duly treating the social channels as more channels of communication, and less in the way of placing adverts. 

ROI (return on investment) will still be a metric for a company‚Äôs social media marketing strategy.  The idea of commitment is now increasingly metric excepted.  More and more companies are realising the many benefits of Social media as a way of humanizing their company or brand image, by having Twitter accounts staffed by real people.

There was much discussion about whether social media is experiencing a fatigue and if there are brands out there that are avoiding it for such a reason.  There are more than a billion users on some sort kind of social media, so it is fairly careless of a company to not have some sort of online presence in that respect.  This year is the time where brands will go beyond repetitive annual campaigns, as they start to really see how it just does not add monetary value into their business, but how may also add another buying benefit, for their potential and long term customers.  Social media may go further in creating customer loyalty because the channels of communication allow potential customers the chance to build emotional ties with more brands.

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