Social Media Listening Tools, Platforms, and Strategy
Tips for social media listening tools, platforms, and strategies you can use.

Social Media Tools

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Social Media Listening Tools, Platforms, and Strategy  

Keyword Tools

Ÿ  Google keywording tool

Ÿ  Wordtracker(paid)

Ÿ  Trellian keyworder discovery (paid)

Ÿ  Google’s Webmaster’s tool

Ÿ  Google Insights

Ÿ  Google Trends

Ÿ  Google's keyword Search based tool (free)

Ÿ  Hitwise

Ÿ  Keyword Discovery

RSS Readers

Makes it a simple process to scan search results on Google Alerts, Twitter and Technorati.

Ÿ  Bloglines

Ÿ  Google Reader

Ÿ  Netvibes

Monitoring Tools for beginners

Ÿ  Google Alerts

Facebook Monitoring Tools

Ÿ  Facebook’s open Search

Ÿ  Social Mention

Twitter Monitoring Tools

Ÿ  Use your account to listen

Ÿ  RowFeeder

Ÿ  SpreadSheet Aerobics

Free Alternative Monitoring Tools

Ÿ   BackType

Ÿ   Yahoo Pipes

Ÿ   HowSociable

Ÿ   IceRocket

Ÿ   Boardreader

Ÿ   Omgili Forum

Ÿ   Trendrr.com

Ÿ   SocialMention

Ÿ   Surch

Tube Mogul

Lets you upload and track videos on:

Ÿ  Vimeo

Ÿ  YouTube

Ÿ  Revver

Ÿ  Crackle

Ÿ  Dailymotion

Tools which help you to identify social media influencers

Ÿ  Mailana

Ÿ  Twitalyzer

Ÿ  Twiangulate

Ÿ  Mention Map

Ÿ  MyTweeple

Ÿ  NodeXL

Ÿ  Klout

Ÿ  PeerIndex

Twitter Search that goes into a spreadsheet

Ÿ  Research.ly

Ÿ  Crowdbooster

Ÿ  RowFeeder

Facebook Analytical Tools

Ÿ  Export.ly

Ÿ  Facebook Central

Social Media Management Tools

Ÿ  NutshellMail

Ÿ  Postling

Ÿ  Spredfast

Ÿ  SmallAct

Ÿ  Sprout Social

Ÿ  ObjectiveMarketer

Ÿ  Vitrue

Ÿ  Hootsuite

Ÿ  Ripple6

Professional Listening Tools

Ÿ  BuzzLogic Insights

Ÿ  Techrigy

Ÿ  Orchestra Platform

Ÿ  Radian 6

Ÿ  Reputation Defender

Ÿ  Visible Technologies

Ÿ  Brands Eye

Ÿ  Buzzmetrics

Ÿ  Cision

Ÿ  Trackur

Ÿ  Sysomos

Ÿ  Sentiment Metrics

Other Tools:

Ÿ  Sendible

Ÿ  Chartbeat

Ÿ  Awe.sm

Ÿ  bit.ly tracking

Ÿ  FeedCompare

Ÿ  TubeKit

Ÿ  Wordle

Keep first in mind that a strategy is not limited to tools, or a mere presence on social networks.  A strategy is reflected in the upstream struggle, and should not be seen as an obstacle to business development but as a catalyst for opportunities, be they commercial or relational personae (sounds sexy doesn‘t it).

Start with a simple strategy

Be clear about your goals.  It is important to define your goals in terms of online presence. 

Ÿ  Is it to make more money? 

Ÿ  To educate new customers about your brand or your product? 

Ÿ  Is it to be as competitive as possible? 

Ÿ  Is it to find users who may become ambassadors for your brand, and help to change your product or service with positive and negative feedback? 

Ÿ  Is it to optimize your processes customer support?  

Ÿ  Is it to boost your online reputation? 

In short, each company has one or more targets for social media strategy.  You must recognize these points as it will help you to set parameters (KPIs) later, with which to measure your ROI.  Often your ROI is calculated on the amount of staff hours you put in, and any subscription fees you pay.

Identify the right people (staff) and assign slots for conducting business on social networks.   A fundamental point of the effectiveness of your strategy will be linked to the choice of the person(s) who will manage your activities on the social media you choose. The time consuming aspect of the management of social networks is clearly proven, and too often overlooked by companies.  So, be sure that the person or persons involved in your strategy are available online and pull clear of the slots/platforms so they can work in good conditions. 


Ideally you should Tweet daily (1-2 tweets or retweets per hour for example) and pass information related to your business, your industry, your services, your discoveries, and anything else of interest.


You should publish on Facebook every day either with an article, or mention an article on your blog, poll your Fans on the use of your product, run a quiz, upload a video to market your product, basically, anything to encourage interaction.


Blog and promote your business at minimum once a week (once a day or every 2 days ideally). You should provide quality content regularly, this will mean that your blog will (in theory) be well positioned in the engines


Upload onto LinkedIn as often as possible, looking for new contacts (customers / partners or others).

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