List of the Best New Social Media Technology Tools
The best new social media technology tools to help you monitor your efforts.

Social Media Technology Tools

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List of the Best New Social Media Technology Tools

There are soooo many tools out there for you to play with, that making this list was very easy.  Monitoring tools are used to do the checks online that you would normally have to check manually, as well as digging out a few other interesting facts, like how many likes you received, or how many comments you received. 

Firstly you need to decide what metrics you wish to measure, and then pick one of the listed below to help you do it automatically, without having to manually check them.  In no specific order, here are the best monitoring tools.

Ÿ  BackType

Ÿ  Yahoo Pipes

Ÿ  How Sociable

Ÿ  RowFeeder

Ÿ  SpreadSheet Aerobics

Ÿ  IceRocket

Ÿ  Boardreader

Ÿ  Omgili Forum

Ÿ  Trendrr.com

Ÿ  SocialMention

Ÿ  Surch

Ÿ  Google Alerts

Ÿ  Facebook’s open Search

Ÿ  Social Mention

Keywording tools are (kind of) the toolkit of a SEO expert.  A SEO expert will need a lot of ways to research and pick out the relevant keywords.  There are lots of things to consider such as where they will be used, on website pages or pay per click adverts.  Then the SEO expert must consider which keywords that the potential customer targeted is going to pick when searching for their products.  They then have to figure out which words will be used by buyers and which will be used by “researchers” (lookie loos that don’t buy).

These differences are subtle.  For example, a person selling comedy DVDs will need to know their potential customers.  Those searching on keywords such as “Family Guy DVD” are likely DVD customers, but people typing “Family Guy Wiki” or “Family Guy Episode List” are probably going to pirate/download episodes from a sharing site. 

This may seem obvious as we look at it now, but if you have a keyword tool that says that 3 times more people search for “Family Guy Episode List” than they do for “Family Guy DVD”, they may be tempted to add it to their keyword list, but it will gain them no sales. 

An SEO expert must also consider how much competition there is for the most popular keywords.  A good keywording tool will help make these decisions, and though (as I just proved) you can’t rely on them as your only keyword selection tool, they are certainly very, very helpful in making an informed decision.

Ÿ  Google Insights

Ÿ  Google Trends

Ÿ  Google's keyword Search based tool

Ÿ  Google’s Webmaster’s tool

Ÿ  Wordtracker

Ÿ  Trellian keyworder discovery

Ÿ  Hitwise

Ÿ  Keyword Discovery

Tube Mogul is very good because it lets you manage your video uploads on various sites to save you having to do each one manually.  If you upload weekly or monthly then this is going to save you much time.  It lets you upload onto, Vimeo, Revver, YouTube, Dailymotion and Crackle.

Use these RSS readers to scan for Google Alerts and Twitter alerts.

Ÿ  Google Reader

Ÿ  Bloglines

Ÿ  Netvibes

These are other tools that may suit your specific needs.  Every company and the market it serves is different.  These are some you should consider when you are grabbing your tools for the job.

Ÿ  Sendible

Ÿ  Chartbeat

Ÿ  Awe.sm

Ÿ  bit.ly tracking

Ÿ  FeedCompare

Ÿ  TubeKit

Ÿ  Wordle

If you know what parts of your daily social media tasks will take the longest or suck up the most staff time, then have a look at these social media management tools to see if any will knock a little bit of that time off (or a lot of that time).

Ÿ  Hootsuite

Ÿ  NutshellMail

Ÿ  ObjectiveMarketer

Ÿ  Vitrue

Ÿ  Spredfast

Ÿ  SmallAct

Ÿ  Postling

Ÿ  Sprout Social

Ÿ  Ripple6

Tools which help you to identify social media influencers

Ÿ  Mailana

Ÿ  Twitalyzer

Ÿ  Twiangulate

Ÿ  Mention Map

Ÿ  MyTweeple

Ÿ  NodeXL

Ÿ  Klout

Ÿ  PeerIndex

 Professional Listening Tools

Ÿ  BuzzLogic Insights

Ÿ  Techrigy

Ÿ  Orchestra Platform

Ÿ  Radian 6

Ÿ  Reputation Defender

Ÿ  Visible Technologies

Ÿ  Brands Eye

Ÿ  Buzzmetrics

Ÿ  Cision

Ÿ  Trackur

Ÿ  Sysomos

Ÿ  Sentiment Metrics

Twitter Search that goes into a spreadsheet

Ÿ  Research.ly

Ÿ  Crowdbooster

Ÿ  RowFeeder

Facebook Analytical Tools

Ÿ  Export.ly

Ÿ  Facebook Central

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