Social Media Marketing Tactics to Use on Facebook
Tactics to use for social media marketing on Facebook.

Social Media Tactics

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Social Media Marketing Tactics to Use on Facebook

Do not confuse strategy and tactics!!!

Most of the tips and tricks described in the guides are "tactical.”  To get many fans on a Facebook page, maintain their attention through effective leadership or create a viral contest, is not a strategy, nor an end in itself.

What good are the tactics you can implement on Facebook and what good are their results if these tactics are not implemented to achieve a clear strategic goal?  They are likely to be a stab in the water (and a big waste of time and money).

Social media in general (and Facebook in particular) are just one additional way to achieve your goals.  We must therefore first determine what those purposes are.

You may say that the strategy is simple; it aims to have more customers, more sales, an average basket increase and more importantly more loyal customers, etc.  All this is not a strategy; they are targets (the end result of strategy).  These are precisely the goals that your strategy should help you achieve. 

Your Facebook strategy must be part of an overall business strategy, making it much more effective. For example:

If your target goal is to increase the turnover of your subscribers and customers, then your strategy to achieve it is to improve communications with your subscribers.  A tactic to achieve that is to listen to them, regardless of their neg/pos returns or time involved, etc.

Facebook can be an effective component of the overall system, not the ACTUAL system.  This device should also be on your website and in all communications that you address to your subscribers (email, paper mail, invoices, etc.)  Facebook alone will not suffice (or not enough).

One case study in this area is that of the company Zappos, the leading website selling shoes in the U.S., recently acquired by Amazon. Zappos is probably one of the most successful e-commerce in the United States and many experts attribute this success to the way Zappos has used social media.  While it is true that social media (Facebook and Twitter in their case) have played a role, it is mostly because they were part of a line with their overall business strategy working well.  In this case, the business strategy was to offer the best customer service it is possible to offer.

Zappos is into e-commerce, and sells (mostly) shoes.  The barrier to purchase is made by the stress of knowing if we will be able to make shoes that are too small or too large.  The fact that they provide a service to address this is an outstanding strategic point.  All the energy of the company has therefore focused on this service, and all employees are heavily involved in the improvement of this process.  Social media has been one of the main channels of this effort, and the company encouraged its employees to be on Twitter and Facebook to meet and interact with customers.  The telephone platform was probably the heart of the system, but social media has been important for the success of this strategy.

If Facebook were to be a component of your overall strategy, what is this strategy?   The subject of Facebook marketing interests you?


The tactics below are simply MY imagination and ideas, but to get you started, here they are:

Ÿ  Facebook followers are informed that they get 10% off their purchase if they find your hidden cuddly toy in your store.  Every week let them know that “teddy” has moved again, can they find him, and post a pic of where “teddy was last week”.

Ÿ  One week only, your Facebook friends get x% off a product in your store.  Every day you publish how many people have taken you up on your offer.

Ÿ  Every person who comments on this month’s item (a picture for example) gets a discount voucher.

Ÿ  Have a Facebook competition on who can come up with the funniest tag line for a funny pic you published.  The top 10 winners get a discount voucher for your products.

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