Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Tutorial
A useful tutorial on social media marketing for restaurants.

Social Media Restaurant Tutorial

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Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Tutorial

You may often think of creating a Facebook page or making a deal on Groupon (USA & Canada).  Unfortunately, these ideas will cost you energy, maybe even money.  They will attract people to your restaurant, however, various offers are not a way of retaining customers, it is only a way of gaining temporary opportunistic customers.

So how do you use social media intelligently, and create a better physical footfall into your restaurant, to match your internet traffic through social networks?

For Starters

Open an account on at least five social media networks.  I would suggest Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIN, Twitter and Pinterest.  Ask the websites support staff if you are allowed to open a profile/account in the name of your business.  If not then put it in your name with your restaurant logos and pictures etc. 

Communicate your business

Your best ambassadors are your current customers, so you must let them know that you are now on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. ... Plaster it on your front door if you like, inside your toilets if they are open to the public (your customers never leave their smartphone, what better time to go “Like” your Facebook page?).  Maybe create an offer of a % off if they “friend” you or “Like” and make a positive comment on one of your videos.

Do not “flood” your fan publications

A little like if you have an emailing or snail mailing list (I strongly suggest you have both) then you would not send communications too often.  So don’t do it on a social media site.  Pay attention to the frequency of your publications, especially on Facebook where the tolerance is much lower than other social networks.  Try not to exceed 3-4 publications a week ESPECIALLY if your publications are 40%+ adverts!!!  This is not the right medium for informing your customers of daily specials.

Reference yourself on Google Places

It's a little off the world of social networks but is still a basic step.  Register on Google Places.  This will allow you to appear in a good position when a query such as "restaurant + Place name” is searched for.

Unveil your products

Give a preview on social networks with text, videos or pictures.  Attract your customers (or prospective clients) on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Google +, etc.) It is easier when you offer a tangible benefit. Introduce them to your new menu selection and take them on a video tour of your clean kitchens.

Choose your fans

We know, that keeping a loyal customer as a customer, pays much more than a new customer.  So keep pampering.  A customer who makes the approach to follow you on a social networking site has the potential to become a brand ambassador and so convert his friends into customers.  So it is imperative to reward them with promotion codes or special offers.

Make small games (contests)

It may be a recurring action (weekly or monthly) to create the expectation on the part of your community.  Hide a teddy in the restaurant and announce on social media that if somebody spots it they get x% off their meal during that visit.  Hide it in a different place every week.

Add Brandon to Your Circles on Google Plus

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