Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks
Some useful tips and tricks with real estate social media marketing.

Social Media Real Estate Tips

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Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

The biggest difference between a good negotiator and is a bad negotiator is marketing.

New technologies should be at the heart of your strategy.  A good real estate agent invests six times more in new technologies than the average retail business.

Its investments are mainly in:

Ÿ  An efficient website that focuses on lead generation through proper distribution of your property.

Ÿ  Real estate CRM software that includes all of his contacts in a database qualified. This tool also enables it to generate leads, and especially to exploit them.

Ÿ  The e-mail marketing side (e-mailing, newsletter) to help maintain contact with all customers. It distributes its property and to sell or rent easily and automatically to all contacts in the database.

Active participation on social networks will always work to win new customers, and the major tools you should use to disseminate your website contents are:

Ÿ  Youtube: this media can post videos to be viewed by a large number of Internet users.

Ÿ  Blogging: the right real estate agents are very active in their blog on the one hand, to optimise their SEO and secondly, to build a real library of articles they can use to prospect for new sellers and buyers.

Ÿ  Twitter and LinkedIn: A good real estate agent uses these platforms to disseminate its messages and the different content of his blog. These actions allow then to generate recommendations and demonstrate its expertise from a multitude of Internet users.

Marketing budget - to summarize:

A dedicated marketing budget is the key to success.  In fact, a successful real estate negotiator spends 10 times more on marketing than poorly performing agents.  To coin the old phrase, you have to spend money to make money.  Put some of this budget into staff hours whom simply operate social media solution, and make social media another first port of contact.  Quite often a person will have only one or two questions from the adverts they see, so make social media a way for them to ask, and get a quick answer.  If some places are getting the same question repeatedly, then this can be a way that people may simply look down the previous conversations to get their answer.  You can even attach these conversations to your adverts so that new viewers can see them too.

Where are their investments in marketing placed?

Ÿ  They hire an (a) assistant(s) to assist in their marketing strategy, SEO of their website, etc..

Ÿ  Real estate agents who successfully apply social media marketing buy 2.75 times more traffic and internet service (Adwords) than other real estate companies.

Ÿ  Good negotiators also buy advertising inserts in local newspapers so as to be visible from everywhere, and in all media; no more door to door or telemarketing. Good real estate agents prefer to focus on strategic areas that generate business, and make use of specialized professionals (SEO, website, etc.) to generate maximum leads and thus increase their turnover.

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