Social Media Proposal Samples, Examples, and Templates
A collection of social media proposal samples, examples, and templates.

Social Media Proposal Samples

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Social Media Proposal Samples, Examples, and Templates

There are three approaches to social media or Web 2.0.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

This is the approach taken by SEOs, web agency, etc. when advocating for their clients to be present on social media to expand their visibility on search engines for the medium and long term.

In terms of SEOs, there are three main criteria:

Ÿ  Technique: Is my site and my content easily accessible to search engines?

Ÿ  Content: Is my content of sufficient quality and quantity?

Ÿ  Popularity: Measuring the quantity and quality links to your website.

On this last point, a presence on social media will have an impact, relaying your content on these platforms you will have more chance that they are shared.  Whenever a person relays your content, this helps raise your level of popularity.  It is true that search engines like Google and Bing try to incorporate these elements into their algorithm and Google has also reaffirmed this with the launch of Google search+ (your world).  Going on these platforms in an exclusively SMO mind-frame may make you forget that when you go on these platforms you must prepare yourself to talk.  If you are e-shopping for example and you have decided to open a page on Google or Facebook, it is likely that a client asks for the status of an order or a prospect asks you questions about a product. How do you handle this?

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

This is an approach, advocated by many advertising agencies or specialized social media, of using social media as new communication channels to increase the visibility of a brand, product / service, etc. We are therefore promoting oriented approaches that lead to the creation of numerous Facebook pages on which offers contests and / or reductions are used to expand the fan base of the brand.

This approach has resulted (in some cases as) achievement of very good results. However, in general it is device size (big budget) and / or a society whose culture is part of this exchange logic that is necessary in order to succeed and to stand out.  The advantage of this approach is that in the short or medium term you may generate visibility to a brand or a product / service (though sales are nice too).  The disadvantage is that it will require more resources to be heard on those platforms that may eventually be possible.  It does take a lot of staff hours for what may be little to no direct return.

Social Business:

This approach is to integrate the tools and use 2.0 within the organization and not just in communications or the marketing department. It is defended by software vendors like IBM, for management consulting firms, by software houses, web consultants, etc.  There are many universities that encourage university groups to leave their social networking open as they work so that they can consult with each other as they work on their projects.

The world is changing, the web is growing and this upsets some aspects of our economy.  Sometimes it is seen as a breakthrough and in others as a threat.  The idea behind social business is that the web and uses that have developed there can add value to the organization from the moment they are integrated at all levels of the organization. It does not provide access to Facebook across the enterprise/company but rather allows your employee to efficiently share information among themselves and ideally without limits of space or time.  Obviously this implies organizational changes. Sometimes this is important for SMEs and large organizations, but this approach offers a much broader perspective on value creation as the approaches presented above. 

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