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Social Media and PR: Using Social Media PR for Marketing

This year has seen a somewhat of a change in the communications strategies of some of the world’s biggest companies.  Social media has interested an increasing number of companies as a great many potential customers are coming (logging on) to get/find a higher quality of information from marketers.  The method of exchange strategy and overall communication that was centered on a brand or on a product has changed.  Online marketers are now addressing the customer, so that they will now have to consider the PR implications and opportunities in their entirety, by changing their strategy, and their communication with social media.

So in what ways can a company use social media for marketing?

To address this question we should really look at one of the most bold and cutting edge moves in online PR which has been made by the French company “Laredoute”.  They have their English, American, French websites, etc, etc, and they also have a UK Facebook page and an Austrian Facebook page, etc, etc.  However, the new move they made has been done (tried if you will) on the French version of their website called http://www.laredoute.fr/. 

This involves the integration of a Facebook module right into their website. NOT just a “share” with Facebook button, but an interactive Facebook module.  At the very bottom of every browser window (not page), you will see a black bar and one of the buttons says “Shopping entre ami(e)s”,  which translated, means shopping with friends.

It is called Facebook Chat, where LaRedoute has incorporated within their site an application (module if you will) that allows the Facebook account holder to improve their online buying experience.  The Facebook Chat from LaRedoute is a practical demonstration of several months of reflection, and research and development from the programming team.  This cutting edge method of interaction with Facebook friends ground breaking idea is a world first.  LaRedoute are offering Facebook users a new “Chat” shopping experience giving them a brand new way to purchase, support and advise their Facebook friends, which can be done all the way through the purchasing process, i.e. browsing, comparing and paying.  The Facebook section works in the same way that it does on the Facebook site, so there is no extra learning involved.  They have simply the reworked the Facebook functionality into their site via a direct link to it.

You are able to talk with your friends and even share URLs of the LaRedoute page that you are on, so they can see what products you are looking at.  This type of innovative interaction online is letting customers who are Facebook account holders; talk with each other more easily without having to move from one tab to another.  This way, LaRedoute has integrated social media directly into their website. 

The PR potential for this is massive, because not only are people buying products online with their friends, but the interaction is recorded on Facebook for all their friends to see.  It is the same as taking a tape recorder on a shopping trip, writing down what was said, and then showing it to your friends. 

A lot of companies have come to realize the potential of various social networks, as well as how important it is to connect their sites to their social media networks.  Facebook-Chat’s a new way of interacting and consulting with friends and company staff.  The evolution of this PR move is limitless, such as having members of staff privy to the online shopping experience, and making them able to chime in with suggestions or to answer questions.

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