Social Media Influence
A list of ways to gain social media influence and the best tools online to make it happen.

Social Media Influence

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Social Influence Marketing Techniques and Tips

Social networking is a great way to kill a hell of a lot of time. It is the Internet equivalent of eating cheesy Wotsits. It is addictive, and if you touch anything else whilst doing it,, then you will get orange gunk all over it.

Existing on a social network is not enough. You must constantly work to maintain your image, contacts, creditability and trust. You are living the life of a highflying solicitor mixed with a supermodel. Gain a little weight and people will spit on you in the street.

There are many social media platforms, so you need to pick the one that will grab the attention of your potential customers. Just grabbing attention will get you as far as a sixteen-year-old boy showing his nipples to his schoolteacher in assembly. This is not a celebrity status you are maintaining, hence, all attention is not good attention.

Create clear goals so that you restrict your potentially wasted time. Like deciding to go for a swim to lose a little weight but then, turning it into a “how long can I hold my breath” contest with an 8year old who you are sure was cheating in some way!

Do not try to sell direct, because it is a fruitless endeavor. Like a Parkinson’s patient trying to eat peas off the back of fork to impress his mother in law.

Carry out research into the biggest users of each social media.

The list below will give you a vague idea of where to start.

Ÿ  Twitter - People prone to addictive reading.

      Are your customers the types who are more likely to enjoy reading?

Ÿ  Book merchants YES.

Ÿ  Video game merchants NO.

Ÿ  Facebook - People prone to addictive attention seeking and interaction.

      A questionnaire, games and calls to comment will appeal to these people. Would

      your customers enjoy that?

Ÿ  Magazine merchant YES.

Ÿ  Car dealership NO.

Ÿ  LinkedIn - People prone to attention seeking, either for themselves or for their business.

       Does your business deal with other businesses? Would you do well on LinkedIN?

Ÿ  Business card merchant YES.

Ÿ  Pie shop bakery NO.

Ÿ  FlickR - People prone to image admiration, often-fast paced visualisation preferred.

       Are your customers inclined towards the visual over text?

Ÿ  TV merchant YES

Ÿ  Beer merchant NO.

Ÿ  YouTube / Daily Motion - People prone to be easily distracted or who prefer to research without reading

       Could you give product demonstrations or recipe instructions via video?

Ÿ  Bakery YES

Ÿ  Accountancy firm NO.

Ÿ  Tumblr - People prone to addictive visual and artistic admiration

       Is your customer base one that will easily get lost in a sea of images?

Ÿ  Graphic design studio YES.

Ÿ   Farmers market NO.

Ÿ  Digg / Reddit - News addictive personalities

       Would your customer base respond well to a newsletter?

Ÿ  Phone merchant YES.

Ÿ  Roof tiler NO.

Ÿ  Stumble Upon - addictive net browsers

       Is your customer base comprised of the addictively inquisitive?

Ÿ  Comic Con YES

Ÿ  Builders merchant NO.

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