How to Create a Social Media Hub
Some ideas on how to create a social media hub.

Social Media Hub

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How to Create a Social Media Hub

Hubs are places in which a person may produce and publish articles on whichever subjects they desire.  There is no limit to the content you may place.  You can place articles on there, on things that interest you or your company, or articles on your company expertise, or simply articles that promote your company and/or product. 

Each hub is broken into things called capsules.  It is basically their way of organizing information on the hub sites.  If you are using a hub site then you will be able to post links, photos, text (duh) and have RSS feeds.  I do not recommend that you use Facebook as your hub, as you will have a lot of trouble promoting your site and linking to it successfully, or getting a better page rank because of it.

People who visit hub sites will often log on to search for a specific subject, or because they saw a title that piqued their interest.  They may come on to see a new development, or to see which articles are getting the most views, so that maybe they can have a peek.  The site will often have a way of laying out categories, such as “themes” or “topics” etc.  This allows people to browse around in topic areas that interest them.

The main benefits that come through using hub pages are:

Ÿ  You are able to place links that go directly to your website or blog, and can quite often gain direct linked traffic from it.

Ÿ  Linking to your site and having people use the link will also improve the page/Google rank of the site you are linking to, so that more people will be able to find it organically.

Ÿ  You are able to promote a company ethic, process, website, product or even a member of staff.  Your topic choices are often not limited.

Ÿ  If you use a media marketing tool such as Stumbleupon or Digg then it may also improve the traffic you receive.

Ÿ  You are able to track the amount of visitors you get every day, and can see where they come from.  This will help your SEO analysis and you can also try using Google Analytics within your hub too (if you are allowed by the site).

Creating your very first Hub is very easy and will take you no time at all.  You will not need any technical knowledge such as HTML or any other technical skills.  You simply follow the instructions below.

1.      Create: Open an account and create a profile

2.      Name: Title your hub if you are allowed and add sub categories based on your content and potential future content.  You will often be able to add tags/keywords.

3.      Add: Start creating content within your capsules

4.      Publish.

Sites like HubPages will allow you to promote your website or business or other blogs.  This may mean you could increase traffic to your site or blogs and you could also earn a little income (very little by the way) from the whole process too.

How to generate a monetary income from sites like HubPages?

Firstly you will need to register with Googles AdSense, or eBay’s affiliate programs, or Amazon’s (you get the picture).  HubPages will allow you provide advertisements within the capsules that hold your articles.  The adverts will often be related to the themes of the articles or of the hub.  Once people click on these adverts, your Adsense account will be credited.

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