Creating Social Media Guidelines for Companies
Ideas on creating social media guidelines for companies.

Social Media Guidelines

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Creating Social Media Guidelines for Companies

Choose the appropriate social network.  Take stock of your target audience/ potential customers by asking the right questions:

Ÿ  What are their habits on the web, what are they looking for/at?

Ÿ  What are they? Individuals? Professionals?

Ÿ  Are they very sensitive or have very sensitive sense of community?

All these answers will help you learn about your community, and choose the social network on which you will deploy.

Ÿ  If your brand targets a population of young consumers, go on Facebook.

Ÿ  If your business is aimed at professional customers i.e. B2B (Business to Business) and you want to expand abroad, you should be on LinkedIn.

You need to know your community before you start creating your own community, in the same way that you wouldn‘t have kids without at least first meeting one.  Although you will discover many things about its various members as time goes it, it is best to have some preliminary information such as:

Ÿ  Potential Customers/Users expectations

Ÿ  Potential Customers/Users tastes

Ÿ  Potential Customers/Users way of expressing themselves

This information will establish your editorial.  Address your potential customers/users community in a language that does not correspond to lead you to failure in terms of interactivity.  Talk tech to programmers, talk sex to teenagers and talk money to the Jews (kidding, kidding), but you know what I mean.  Don’t talk about soaps in a philosophers’ community and don’t talk child abuse in a pet lovers’ community.

Create your presence on social media.  So let’s say that you have chosen Facebook and you create your professional Facebook page here are some mistakes to avoid:

Ÿ  Do not create a profile for your business, it is for an individual and Facebook can remove without you notice.  I don’t care what you have seen other companies doing, you need to talk directly to the Facebook support and go over their terms and conditions carefully or they will simply delete you, your posts, your followers, comments and friends without notice.

Ÿ  Do not create a discussion group, it is reserved for persons wishing to speak on a specific topic

Link with your community by striking up conversations with your members to show that “we listened.”  The reward for your time investment is that you will create and strengthen the link between your brand and the community.

You know your community, what they like, their habits on the web, so stop speaking only about you and your products.  Followers will tire of the members who only spout marketing talk, and will visit your pages less often.  Instead, “get about a bit,” and post about your part in providing news and additional information that will appeal to your community.

Post regularly and do not try to create a community if you do not have time to commit to it.  This will generate disappointment, and your image will lose momentum and credibility.  If there is a question on a product then answer them within 10-20 hours.  If there is a problem on your site, then explain the reasons and make a solution, or at least respond to them and let them know when the problem will be fixed and give them some alternatives.

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