Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Examples and Tips
Tips and examples of guerrilla type social media marketing methods.

Social Media Guerrilla Tips

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Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Examples and Tips

Incorporating guerrilla marketing into your social media marketing campaigns is easier because social media is often free to use, and able to reach lots of people in a short time, irrespective of distance.  On the other hand however, you have a lot more competition in getting yourself heard, because everybody else can use this free medium to do the same thing.

Defined by its most incredibly fundamental notion, guerrilla marketing includes making big or shocking marketing moves, with the accepted risk that it may cause as much damage as it does good. There’s an accepted risk that it may have no positive effect at all, whilst on the other hand, is still far cheaper than most normal marketing techniques.  The best guerrilla material will usually pop up in situations where you’d be the least likely to look.  This is often why the best guerrilla marketing works, because it hits the customer from an area where they thought they were safe.

Resulting from the fact that guerrilla marketing material is frequently made with almost no pre-planning, its tactics are used with the greatest effect by minor businesses searching for affordable but effectual approaches to building their customer base or product/customer attention.  It is also good for smaller businesses that are looking to set up a sort of grassroots campaign.

As you may have figured out, (or seen for yourself), social media is very favorable in terms of grassroots guerrilla tactics, however viral material can’t invariably be described as “guerrilla.”  On a counter-intuitive side however, most guerrilla marketing has the potential to go viral, be it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

What are the courses in which social media guerrilla marketing which can most find a profit for the guerrilla advertiser?

It is only limited by your imagination.  The key is honest innovation.  For example; the Ford F-150 pictures that were posted via online picture social media showing a picture of the truck holding up a real life crate of bricks.

Other companies have shown people how to see what a tattoo would look like on themselves, by asking people to draw the pattern on a mirror and then look at the mirror and position the pattern on their reflection, let’s say their arm for example.

The Alfa Romeo Company sent around pictures of their car in a shopping basket.  A dog training company showed pictures of dog foot prints leading to a toilet.  You are only limited by imagination.  So for example, if you were a fishing tackle firm selling your brand of fishing chairs, then why not show a social media video of a guy fishing comfortably in his chair whilst scantily clad women walk behind him and past him.  Half way through this son (sat on the floor) looks behind and sees them and says, “Dad?"  To which the man replies, “not now son," and continues fishing.  Then up comes the tag line which says, “If it can wait……let it," or “x chairs… for when you just got comfortable."

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