List of Social Media Gurus and Social Media Experts
An in depth listing of social media gurus and becoming a social media expert.

Social Media Experts

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List of Social Media Gurus and Social Media Experts

Tom Martin founded Converse Digital

He helps various advertising agencies and companies to create, engage and monitor digital conversations with an eye to increasing a company’s market share, or to increase their current customer loyalty.

Nicole Kelly works as the director of CareOne

CareOne is a service involved in debt relief.  She manages the social media side of the business, and is helping in the fight for accurate measurement of social media.

Debbie Hemley works as a full time blogger

Most of her non-fiction work revolves around social media issues, mainly involving marketing.

Peter Wylie is a lead researcher

He works in a media company called Three Ships. This is an up and coming marketing company which has a specialisation in utilising blogs and various social networks, so as to connect with target customers and clients.

Jason Falls works for SocialMedia Explorer

This is a media marketing consultancy that specialises in social media.  He is a very popular industry blog author.

Lewis Howes wrote two books about LinkedIn

He runs the biggest resource for sports marketing of online content via social media.

Tim Ware owns HyperArts which is a Web Design company

They help businesses work, create, maintain, promote and build their online visibility (presence).  He is currently working closely with developing Facebook apps.

Linda Coles works for Blue Banana

She is a highly prized speaker and teacher of social media aspects, such as how to handle and use tools, and the way to put them to the most effective use.  She runs seminars and workshops on their productive use.

Terry Lozoff works for Antler as the CEO and president

This is a highly experiential marketing agency which deals in all aspects of digital marketing.

Jay Baer works as an online strategist for social media

He is a published author of the book “Convince and Convert”, and has a very popular blog about social media.

Jacob Morgan works as the principal for a company called the Chess Media Group

This is a social media consultancy which works on employee and customer engagement plans, and runs a very successful blog.

Ching Ya wrote Social@Blogging Tracker

She offers services around Facebook, for the smaller business.

Rich Brooks works as the president for Flyte New Media

He designs websites and helps to make them, using social media and various SEO techniques.

Jeff Korhan works as a consultant, speaker and columnist

He works on various new channels such as social media, for smaller business marketing.

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