List of Upcoming Social Media Events in 2012
A listing of upcoming social media events in 2012.

Social Media Events

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List of Upcoming Social Media Events in 2012


July 10-11

San Francisco, California

They have a website that shows details of last year’s events as well as this year’s.  They give a range of information, including on issues of social media.


July 12-15

Washington, DC

This is a yearly, international Wikmedia community conference.  This allows the general public and industry experts to mingle for free information/ knowledge.  This initiative is a combination of international events which deals with a lot of different Internet issues including social media.


July 12-15

San Diego, California

This is well known around America and is intermingled with plenty of social media issues, along with their sister events in San Francisco called APE, and in Anaheim in WonderCon.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech

July 16-18

Aspen, Colorado

This is a big consortium event of technology experts and social media thinkers, users, operators, innovators, entrepreneurs and influencers.


July 16-20

Portland, Oregon

This is a mixing event where you can get in touch with other business people, or investors, developers and innovators in online business, including social media.  They all form part of the online community that is dedicated to the manipulation of online tools and techniques for profit.  These tools include the development of open source tools too, so this is not just a money matters event; genuine innovation and commitment are a part of it too.

Project SEARCH

July 23-27

Austin, Texas

This event teaches young people and young adults with developmental disabilities about online and offline issues including utilizing social media.  The event ranges from individual use, to workplace use, to simply joining, and adding to a community.

Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

July 25-26

Santa Clara, California

There is an event called AlwaysOn which is a yearly gathering of the biggest most powerful tech brokers and VCs business persons.  If you are looking to be a mover or shaker in any online area, then give this one a try.  It is held inside the Santa Clara University and this will be the second year of the event.


Aug. 2-4

New York

This event is just for women, both novices and veterans, and is for women from around the world to come and discuss issues and inspire each other.

International Food Blogger Conference

Aug. 24-26

Portland, Oregon

This is orchestrated by Zephyr Adventures and Foodista.com and is their first event for people and companies that blog on issues of food.  There are educational opportunities and sessions, and it is a great way of networking with other people in the industry.

Content Marketing World

Sept. 4-6

Columbus, Ohio

This is a gathering of a lot of content marketing individuals and professionals, all of which use some sort of social media.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF

Sept. 8-12

San Francisco, California

 TechCrunch Disrupt comes with a lot of mini events. For example, they start with Hackathon, then give information for tech startups in an event called Startup Battlefield.  The last event is called Disrupt SF, in which industry experts offer insights and advice.

Cloud Connect

Sept. 10-13

Chicago, Illinois

 After the growth of Cloud within Silicon Valley, this event/expo gives some really good information on all aspects of online business, including social media.  They give teaching sessions and networking sessions too.

National Association of Government Webmasters

Sept. 12-14

Kansas City, Missouri

Anybody can attend this event and gain some insight on the online initiatives and movements of the government web experts.

Big Data & the Cloud

Sept. 13-14

Boston, Massachusetts

This innovation summit of predictive analytics has an obvious crossover with social media analytics.  It has presentations, interactive formats, open discussions and breakout sessions.

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