Social Media Marketing for Dentists Tutorial
A useful tutorial on social media marketing for dentists.

Social Media Dentist Tutorial

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Social Media Marketing for Dentists Tutorial

A dentist can focus on social media and increase footfall massively, by gently nudging regular customers to come in for a check-up.  Most people will only go to the dentist when they remember, and not go every x amount of months.  Being gently reminded every few months is a great way of making them say, “oh yeah, I am supposed to go there”.  Social media can be far more powerful than the card through the post.

Social media is primarily micro interactions between the brand and its consumers.  Even dentists can inspire customer loyalty through social media, with personalized promotional offers on Twitter, for example.  Engaging in social media simply requires a good knowledge of its audience, and use of a little creativity.

Everything starts with listening.  Then you have to gently enter the conversation.  This can be done by opening a Twitter account (a blog).  Do not be afraid to start small, because small actions like these do not present a hazard if they are thoughtful, honest, and taken seriously.

If actions on social media must absolutely come to support marketing position, they should not be included in a marketing campaign.  Indeed, a marketing campaign is limited in time.  What makes successful use of social media is a permanent presence of the brand.

An action that has worked for a brand, will not work necessarily with all brands.  The brand must be based on its position on the motivations of its consumers to determine what will work.  What makes a successful action with the social media is not the financial investment but human investment (p.s. don‘t forget though, that time is money).  The main factor of success comes from people who implement the strategy of the brand on social media:

Ÿ  Customer focus

Ÿ  Knowledge of the motivations of customers

Ÿ  Use of knowledge and tools

This does not mean that all actions are free, but this is not the most important point.

Answer teeth related questions on Just Answer and then recommend that they try a quality dentist, like yours.

Information travels at high speed on the Internet and social networks.  The mark must be ready to face any type of crisis, and to respond effectively and quickly.  The first moments of the crisis are critical and complex to manage.  We must therefore have an action plan already prepared to manage these critical moments. 

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