Social Media Marketing Definition What is Social Media Marketing
Definition of social media marketing and how it benefits you.

Social Media Definition

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Social Media Marketing Definition: What is Social Media Marketing

SEO and Social Marketing Communication is a new form of communication.  While traditional communication will deliver a message in one direction, from the company to the consumer, social media communication (Web 2.0) is positioned as an exchange between two parties: information flows both from the company to the consumer and back again.  Therefore, it is a place where involvement in the community may create a strong relationship between the company and the customer.  Communication through social media may become indispensable.  If your competitors are active on social media when you're not, then they may have a head start on you, so it may be necessary to catch up.

The idea of social media marketing is to grow your business on the Internet by increasing your online visibility.  Social media marketing may result in increased traffic to your website; an increase from the arrival of visitors from social networks.  Social networks are high traffic generators and the aim of social media marketing will be to redirect as much of the community as possible to your website.  The effect of viral-ility and propagation of information is very intense; it is possible to reach many people quickly. 

Google Places is a growing importance in social media.  Google may take into account the site's content and influence of messages, for example, the number of mentions or "Likes" on Facebook, or the number of "retweets" on Twitter. 

Social media marketing may increase your visibility, especially if customers are strongly loyal and are involved in communication.  The most active of them become brand ambassadors among their friends and acquaintances.   The level of involvement of subscribers will create the phenomenon of propagation and viral-ility.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of all the social media sites and functions which you can use to exercise social media marketing of one kind or another.

Ÿ  Internet forums - Join in and raise company awareness

Ÿ  Blogs - Any subjects of interest you may add to

Ÿ  Wikis - Add your company details

Ÿ  pod casts - advertise yourself or events

Ÿ  image sharing - show off your achievements and premises

Ÿ  Vlog (video blog) - give demonstrations and tours

Ÿ  Email - invite people to be friends or set up e-news-letters

Ÿ  Instant messaging - make friends and chat with them all

Ÿ  Music sharing - share it and add adverts

Ÿ  MySpace - tell all about your employees

Ÿ  Facebook - make friends

You get the idea. The way you use these mediums is really up to you, but trying out new ideas will put you ahead of the competition, and you will be surprised just how creative you can be.  For example do “secret shoppers” exposes on your competition and post them under YouTube with the account of a non-company employee so it cannot be traced to your company.  You can get your staff to sign up to Amazon and have each of them post a great review about your product on Amazon.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of social media sites

Ÿ  YouTube

Ÿ  MyHeritage

Ÿ  Avatars United

Ÿ  Second Life

Ÿ  Flickr

Ÿ  Twitter

Ÿ  Wordpress,

Ÿ  TypePad

Ÿ  LinkedIn

Ÿ  Trombi.com

Ÿ  Viadeo Social

Ÿ  FriendFeed,

Ÿ  SocialThing

Ÿ  Youmeo

Ÿ  Upcoming.org

Ÿ  Myrecyclestuff.com

Ÿ  StumbleUpon

Ÿ  Digg

Ÿ  Mixx

Ÿ  Reddit

Ÿ  Epinions

Ÿ  Amazon reviews

Ÿ  Yelp

Ÿ  Flickr

Ÿ  Zooomr

Ÿ  Dailymotion

Ÿ  Vimeo 

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