List of the Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses
A useful listing of the best online social media marketing courses.

Social Media Courses

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List of the Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses

Market Motive offer a training course centered around the marketing aspects of social media.  They even offer a certification in the subject.  They show you how to create and maintain your online reputation, to protect it from negative feedback, as well as helping you to increase and maintain your online visibility (online presence).  They help you begin and build stronger potential customer relationships, using tried and tested strategies and techniques, all from the talented staff of social media experts.

Your online course will only take six weeks, in which you can study online at any time you wish at your own pace relative to the six week qualification. They will teach you:

Ÿ  Why blogging is essential to online business

Ÿ  YouTube marketing for the next generation

Ÿ  How to create business links through Linkedin

Ÿ  How to create customers leads through Facebook

Ÿ  All about online buzz marketing and how to make your content viral

Ÿ  How to influence the social media leaders to share around your message

Ÿ  How to manage your online reputation and protect it once built up

You gain instant access to their online learning materials so that you can start right away, and they will also stream video lessons which you can restart and pause if you so wish.  They give you progress quizzes, practical exercises and use various cross training techniques to focus your efforts and broaden your knowledge.

Their $299 per monthly plan is self paced.

Their $3500 plan is a couched course.

Find them at:


eCommerce Business Solutions (hired a cheap web designer).  This is probably for the eastern market, especially since the pictures always show Caucasians at the back.  They are in-fact (supposed to be) Canadian.  Out of interest, not only do they have pictures of people (such as the Chinese) whom are minorities in Canada, but also have distinct Hong Kong looking buildings in the background.  They offer separate courses based on what you are interested in entering.

Their Facebook Marketing Course gives training on how to enter Facebook as a business and how to promote your brand and business.  Whilst stressing the reach of Facebook, they perceive a business’s non inclusion within, as irresponsible.  They offer course notes, videos, learning materials and a six month email and phone support.

This package costs $220.

They run you through how to open an account and how to create one that will attract other businesses to you.  They inform you on how to network via the website, and how to create leads and increase your business exposure.  They offer course notes, videos, learning materials and six months email and phone support.

This package costs $220.

With their Twitter course they show you how to get started straight away.  How to open your account and explain Twitter’s purpose.  They explain Twitter marketing and give strategies and reviews of components your Twitter marketing campaign should have.  They give ideas on tools and methods for making your Tweeting easier, and ways to increase potential customer engagement.  They offer course notes, videos, learning materials and a six month email and phone support.

This package costs $220

Find them at:


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