Automotive Social Media Marketing Tips
A useful tutorial on social media marketing for automotive businesses.

Social Media Automotive Tips

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Automotive Social Media Marketing Tips

Sign up customers.

You should offer a 5% discount to people who receive your e-newsletter or who are friends with you on a social media site.  When it comes time for new customers to pay, then tell them that they can knock 5% off the cost of their repairs if they sign up for the newsletter or social media friend right now.

Forum posting.

Focus on an active forum in your niche and create your profile and make it 2 posts per week.

Add Contacts.

Try to add at least five contacts on your Facebook profile or on LinkedIn every week.  Doing this will only take less than 60 minutes, so try for two or three, or more if you have the time.  LinkedIn or Facebook make adding new contacts very easy because they recommend them based on your current friends/contacts.  You can also visit your current contacts pages and find a whole bunch of people to invite.  Make contact and send a message like, "Hi, we are xx garage and are friends with xxxx, we would like to be your friend too."

Yahoo Answers.

The readers are mostly of a younger profile, however try to answer five questions a day in the area of the automotive niche.  You will notice the fact that most people who do give answers on there aren’t very articulate, nor do they provide quality info, so it’s easier for your responses to be chosen as the one best answer.  Lots of people post questions about their cars; you could suggest a possible problem, solution and garage to repair at……Yours!


There is often a lot of fuss about a social media platform site, but that does not mean that you must expend your time or money over it.  Focus on the sites that will help your efforts to grow your automobile business and not get sucked in by the drama and exaggeration.

Prune that overstuffed RSS feed.

Go through the lists on your reader and painfully prune the tat you don‘t read.  You will quickly see that most of the blogs have just about died, and most of them you don’t even read.  Just keep it to roughly the top five blogs, and scrap most of the others.  Your RSS feed can really suck down your usable time.

Digg it away.

Spend about half an hour on Digg each day at different times and have a go at making friends with some top notch diggers.  Try instant messaging them; they usually have contact details of some sort on their profiles.


Keep an eye on Google Alerts daily and check for your business name.  Somebody out there may have mentioned your business in a website or a Blog somewhere.  If they have, then comment on it or respond any way possible.

Add Brandon to Your Circles on Google Plus

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