The Social Media Audit Strategy Checklist
An easy checklist for your social media audit strategy.

Social Media Audit Strategy

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The Social Media Audit Strategy Checklist

Preliminary study

Firstly do a preliminary study on your web business as a whole, and how it relates to your social media marketing strategy.  What is the aim of your social media strategy, and does it have commonalities with your online business and marketing? Are the two compatible? Could you advertise both your product online on pay per click and your social media movements too?  Maybe with an advert that says:

“xx Lawnmower available June 13th, see our Facebook page for more info”.

Definition of prerequisites and awareness of human resources

What comes first before launching or growing your social media marketing?  You need to make sure that you have the tools, staff hours and the expertise, to enter an arena with very sketchy returns on investment.  Your company could become a social media sensation, but if it doesn’t turn into sales, then there is no point.

Definition of objectives of the campaign period

The timeframe of a campaign is often overlooked.  You cannot keep flogging the one horse.  You must create social media campaigns with the same mentality that you would create any other marketing plan.  It is all fair and good giving price drop announcements every week, but it will render all your old posts unreadable, outdated and pointless.  Why not run a month long price drop? And two week quiz competition where runners up get discount vouchers? Choose a time frame for each campaign and decide its objectives.  Imagine that the social media platform is your white poster board, and whereas the board is always there, the things posted on it change so as to gain interest, and the stuff that is genuinely interesting you leave up there a lot longer.

Definition of the strategy

Do you have a defined strategy?  If you are just on a social media site because everybody else is, then what is the point?  Test to see if your current strategy is still valid or if it has even worked since it began.  Are you giving product demonstrations?  Or are you showing people how it works in a way that makes them want to run out and buy the stuff to try it themselves?

Development of an action plan for the period

Make your objectives actionable by a certain time or milestone.  For example, make your viral quiz offer when you have 20,000 friends.  Launch your celebrity interview tweets when you have followers in the local media.

Diffusion on social networks

Cross your social media strategy across various mediums.  Are the products demonstrated on YouTube also available for view on Facebook?  If not, then why not?  Soak each medium in the juices of your company’s greatness. Don’t just splash one medium with information because it is easier, or because it is the most successful one.

How are you Managing Pages and Groups?

A little expertise and a few tools may help you here, but you should check to see if your routine tasks of managing and checking are not sucking up all of your staff hours.

Network Development

How are you going to develop the network you are on?  Who are your target consumers?  Are their spouses reading this too?  Are they reading it at home or work?  Do they log on to see cats in hats, or to see cars and bras?

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