The Best Social Media Applications for Business Marketing
Insights into the Top 9 social media applications for business marketing.

Social Media Applications For Business

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The Best Social Media Applications for Business Marketing

Contrary to what one might expect, the presence of companies or brands aiming at B2B (business to business) via social media is not so incongruous.  It is actually much easier to manage, provided you do not try to recreate the paradigms used with your private (non business) consumers (unless businesses are your primary/only consumer).

What characterizes B2B companies that use social media, is the presence of an ecosystem; an informal community of interest around products, brands and services.  What a software company, an aircraft manufacturer or a manufacturer of electronic components have in common, is that there is a sale that is a complex dynamic process with many stakeholders, including distributors, suppliers, consultants, customers, analysts, partners, etc.  Social media allows you to animate your ecosystem to provide regular information, which is necessary for the sales processes’ correct functioning.  You may give new product announcements, demonstrations, brochures, customer interviews, and reports of events.  Any occasion is good ground for an announcement, and unlike traditional communication channels, social media is relatively inexpensive, and non intrusive (such as marketing mail and emails).  They use paperless methods that often require very little sustained attention.

Business to business is conducted very well via the professional social networks like LinkedIn.  Facebook is good, but don’t make it your primary jumping off point.  Use it as a medium for keeping others informed on your business, a little like an online newsletter.  This social network is playful, not conducive to serious business talk.  With very few exceptions, it is unlikely that you will succeed in reaching your preferred business market on this space, unless you are contacting them though their Facebook pages.  Perhaps, maybe reaching the other business’s staff individually, but again, don‘t make it your primary business contact medium.

For selling business to business for complex items, maybe you should try a blogging platform, or portal that references all blogs with experts on your products.  What about a social network that will put you in contact with research and development departments and business partners?

Unlike public networks, on which a cohort of bloggers are looking for the latest scoop, and will come down hard upon the slightest slip, there is little chance that you will experience a "bad buzz" if your customers are companies.  They simply have better things to do than tweet infinitely about small computer problems you experienced two years ago.  Another company is not going to post bad comments about you because your phone lines went down last week, because chances are that they have had the same happen to them at some point.

Yet despite all these advantages, few B2B companies dare to approach on the social web.  If you are clever, then you could use this little gap in business communication to your advantage.  I mean, wouldn’t it be a competitive advantage if you have yet another means of reaching your business customers over the means that your competitors have?

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