Vacation and Sick Time Policy Examples
Latest statisitcs of employee policies with vacation and sick time.

Vacation and Sick Time Policy Examples

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The 2012 Survey of Paid Time off: Vacation and Sick Time Policies

Does your company leave vacation and sick time separate or combine them as paid time off?

  • 63% of Companies Separate Vacation and Sick Time.
  • 36% of Companies Combine Them as Paid Time off.

  • Vacation Time vs. Years of Employment
    In a survey it was found that as employees add to their years of employment, their number of vacation weeks per year increased as well, whether they were exempt or not.

    Sick Time Accrual: How much sick time do employees take per year?
  • 1 week or less per year – 24%
  • 1 day per month – 20%
  • ½ day per month – 19%
  • None – 17%
  • 2 weeks per year - 13%
  • 3 or more weeks – 7%

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