Remove Negative Search Results Guide
A great infographic showing you how to remove negative search results in a nice tidy guide.

Remove Negative Search Results Guide

Reputation Management

Your best option in this case is always prevention.  Have control measures set up so that if you begin to receive negative search engine results, you can contain the problem.

Monitor the internet to keep abreast of your online reputation.  If it begins to slip then react to it to improve it.  Set up prevention measures and create action plans to put into place, just in-case you begin to receive negative results.

If you need to react, then try linking with websites that have good comments, articles and blogs about your company on them.  Link directly to where the positive comment is.  Comment on the good comments you receive from other sites.  Add your company or website to the wiki pages, and create positive articles and blogs on your company and products on other websites that play host to them.

Your best bet is to fix whatever problem is causing you to get negative results.  Whether it is an online problem or an offline problem, find it and fix it.  You can also try to resolve your problem with the negative creators.  They may have a legitimate problem that you can resolve.

You can out SEO (search engine optimize) your own websites, so that your website and related articles appear on the search engine results before any negative press.

You could ask your current and loyal customers if they would like to post testimonials online.  You could attempt to try to persuade them to post their positive thoughts about you online, which would then replace the negative material about your company or you.

If things get really serious and the negative results on search engines become a little overwhelming, then it is time to start writing articles, blogs and comments about anything positive you can muster, and then adding your company name into it.  Make it so that the keyword of your company name will pull up any information “OTHER” than the negative comments and results.  So even if the results people receive when they type in your name are “NOT” positive, you can at least make darn sure that they are not negative.  This may seem like a smaller half measure, but you are trying to stop the worst information results from happening, and the worst results are going to be the ones related to your company name.  So let us say, for example, that you are a power company and there are three websites that rate the worst power company.  That is pretty bad, right?  Well imagine how bad it would be if those viewers Googled your name and underneath your website link they saw a list of negative references to you company.  That would be far worse.

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