Registration Form Optimization: Length, Design, and Number of Fields
Ideas on how to optimize your site registration forms with tips for placing them on your site.

Registration Form Optimization: Length, Design, and Number of Fields

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Optimizing Registration Forms

It is very important that when you include a registration form on your site, it does not repel your visitors. Many potential customers and/or conversions have been lost after being faced with a long form with many empty blanks. Here are some changes you may want to consider to optimize your registration forms.

  • 86% of visitors leave a website if the sign up request is too long
  • 50% hate creating passwords
  • 77% prefer to login with social media

  • Tips for Using Registration Forms

    Optimal Form Length
    If your website has a registration form, you need to figure out what length will work best. Based on various researches, it was found that the Optimal Conversion rate occurs when there are only two or three fields for the user to fill out. Also, Dan Zarella of HubSpot revealed that the conversion rate improved by 50% when the number of fields was reduced from four to three after studying 40,000 contact forms.

    User Friendly Changes
    One way to make your registration form more user-friendly is to incorporate open login credentials from social media, like Facebook and Twitter to improve conversion rates. Offering free and unlimited access, can increase conversions by 113% when compared to restricted and risk free access. By deliberately placing your forms within the right side column of the page, it is proven to increase the chances of conversion by 24.6%.

    Optical Form Fields
    Make it easier for your potential convert to fill out a form by setting Zip Code fields to fill in the State and City fields, therefore quickening the process. This unexpected help will let the user know that you took the time to think about their needs and shaved off a few seconds as well. In addition, don’t create fields that visitors will find inappropriate, as it will most likely be filled in with false information.

    Form Design
    The design of your registration form should be visually appealing, simple and eye-catching. Also, to make it better optimized, the form must be large in size and have a natural, logical flow. Check to see that you have precise questions and good examples to create a better experience for your potential convert, as well as device optimization for tablets, smart phones, and PC’s.

    After reading about how to optimize your registration form, make sure to follow through with these tips to get the most out of your conversion rates. Altogether, these elements of a registration form work together to have a better appeal and rate of persuasion towards your potential convert or customer.

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