Process of Brand Building: Model, Framework and Strategy
A look at seven ways to build your brand.

Process of Brand Building: Model, Framework and Strategy

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Top 7 Ways to Grow and Strengthen Your Brand

Building your brand to become recognized and credible takes time and effort. Fortunately, you don’t have to be as big as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, or Sony to have a strong brand. Here are some guidelines and tips to add to your brand strategy.

1. Bring More Awareness about Your Brand.
Create an impact with your brand that people will remember and add unforgettable phrases, images, and positive brand benefits to the experience. The first impression is always the most influential, so make it count by having professional business cards, literature, and advertisements.

2. Get Connected with Your Customers.
Make sure that your brand immediately reflects your product or service and what it’s all about. Take into account that the colors and symbols associated with your brand can have a large influence on how it is perceived. Find a style and content method that suits your line of business and will bring a positive response from your audience.

3. Prevent Confusion about Your Brand.
Monitor how your brand is being presented and make sure to leave no room for confusion. Use clear language that can be understood by your customer base and avoid using industry jargon. In addition, make sure to test your messages to see whether they fit your brand and welcome constructive criticism from others.

4. Be Confident.
Make sure to stick with your originally successful message, even if it may put off some of your potential customers. The percentage of your supporters will be higher and will bring in new business.

5. Stay Consistent.
Keep your brand image, format, style, similar so that it becomes more recognizable and memorable. Look at your website, business card, and literature and find out whether they appear to belong together or not and act accordingly. The more consistent your brand is, the more unforgettable it will become.

6. Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd.
Find out what makes your business stand out from the crowd, and sell it. When you are promoting your brand, make sure to point out how your competitors are doing it wrong and how you are different from them to give your customers a better reason to choose you.

7. Have a Call to Action.
Place a clearly visible call to action button on your page to invite your customers to interact with you. The button will make it one step easier for them and bring you a higher conversion rate turnout as well.

Promoting your brand may feel uncomfortable at times and be hard to keep up with, but if you stick to these 7 steps your brand recognition will improve over time. In the meantime, make sure that your brand stands out with great customer service and a good quality product.

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